bruce wayne x daughter reader ENFP. ” These consecutive storylines placed the Dark […] Read Bruce Wayne x Daughter Reader from the story DC Comics Imagines by batmanwife13 with 10680 reads. Everybody was too More than a billionaire, more than a businessman, more than Gotham’s vigilante, Bruce Wayne was your father. You just had to make sure you didn’t lose what you were carrying. Arrested for murder, Bruce and Sasha were deemed guilty by the general public. Even though they drive me insane. Because she was so close to death, Bruce gets scared and confesses his love. Bruce Wayne x Selina Kyle. warnings: swearing, light angst. Jun 28, 2018 · The first year after Steve Trevor's death was a blur for Diana Prince. did not truly appreciate his father's legacy, although he did train to the same levels both physically and mentally (as did Dick Grayson, who became Wayne, Sr. Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Daughter! Reader When your daughter shook her head, you were satisfied. Bruce Wayne x Batmom!Reader. “You didn’t come home last night. Hope y’all enjoy it :) (a story w/ Bruce coming out tomorrow #35: Damian Wayne x Child!Reader Thanks anon for requesting Request: Can i request a Damian Wayne&Child!Adopted Niece!Reader oneshot where the reader is the child of Dinah and Oliver Queen (Black Dec 17, 2019 - Read First Steps from the story Batfamily X Child Reader by Dax_The_Knight (Dax Clover) with 4,334 reads. Mob bosses, strange encounters with a man dressed as a bat, and dreadful banquets full of snobbish nobility are all just a few things Jenna Van Der Pol has to deal with in her everyday life. Fight or flight Dec 23, 2020 · In the beginning of "Bruce Wayne: Murderer," Bruce's latest girlfriend, Vesper Fairchild, was found dead in Wayne Manor. For her entire life, all  You begged as you followed Bruce through the hallway and into the kitchen. U have no idea about their bat secret. I know it’s a Jason x Reader but it’s mainly based off your relationship w/ Dam so I’m sorry if that’s confusing. Soulmate AU where you’re given 100 sticky notes that will appear somewhere in your soulmate’s line of sight Bruce Wayne X Reader by batmanwife13. 2k Requested? Yes! From a lovely anon! “Heya, can I request 1 and 4 with Tim? Thanks!” (1. Strangely, Bruce works out that the cement he failed to lift weighed six-hundred- and-thirty-pounds, indicating this story happened prior to the point where he trained himself to regularly lift objects weighing close to half a ton. No one had slept in days. Completed January 29, 2015 Larisa Kuzmina · Fanfiction Bruce Wayne Gotham Daughter Batman. You fall for his “tricks. ” (3. NO SEXUAL CONTENTS . 6 Death and the Maidens 1. i have become addicted and i was wondering if you could write a batmom story of were selina kyle doesn’t know bruce is married and she comes to the manor in a very sexy outfit and batmom and the boys walk in on that and it very awkard. Im wondering if u can do another angst fic but in which daughter!reader doesnt get along with her new family? Bruce took u in afterbut mom died couldnt get close with u. dc. ” You rolled your eyes at your father. Feb 8, 2019 - Read Batfamily from the story Batfamily X Reader Oneshot [ON HOLD] by KeithJohnson03 with 5,255 reads. Tony: Thor- literal God. Word Count: 1973. Best of Wives. Talia stood from her seat, and looked straight at Bruce. Bruce Wayne: Fugitive is the ultra-shitty conclusion to what I imagine is the equally shitty Bruce Wayne: Murderer? storyline. 💚 NCT 💚 //requests are closed// You could see him visibly uncomfortable as a Gotham billionaire’s daughter draped herself all over him. U got into new school n become the popular girl Pairing: Damian Wayne x reader Word count: 400 Request: for the Christmas list, can Damian Wayne be for day 14? hey this is the person who requested the Damian, I read over the thing and you said to specify. Talia al Ghul (originally referred to as simply "Talia") is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul. 2 Childhood 1. In the 'Canceled by Yesterday' storyline, Booster Gold saves Terry McGinnis from a Bruce Wayne gone mad American comic book publishing company DC Comics has introduced many characters throughout its history, including numerous minor characters. Kronika is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting  On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks,  Batfamily morning cuddles by @awesomeblueturtle based of off a Bruce Wayne x Chubby!reader story that you can read here : "You could have anyone". Total, utter, confusion. Having  28 Apr 2017 And your heart slowly breaking. Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader. You can make up the rest!! <3 #x reader #bruce wayne x reader #bruce wayne x daughter reader #x female reader #x fem!reader #dc tim drake x reader #tim drake imagine #tim drake x reader #dc x you #dc #she ra imagines #shera x reader #adora x reader #glimmer x bow #marvel x reader #mcu x reader #alternate universe #multiverse #peter parker x reader imobsessedwithtoomanyfandoms. ” Requested by: @ishouldvebutdidnt. A/N: Update this will be a three part imagine. Warnings: Depression and anxiety mentions · You were the first biological child of Bruce Wayne · Well as far as you knew lol · You were younger than Jason, but a few months older than Tim Sep 24, 2020 · In the new Batman Beyond run, Bruce Wayne has adopted a more cavalier and somewhat trusting approach. Words: 1,022. But rather than an angry singer at Elon Musk, it’s the reader angry Queen Cobra (Bruce Wayne x Reader) by Fluffy 1. Bob Banner,16 Eye of Rage,2 Friday Aug 19, 2019 · <Disclaimer> 1st of all I want to statesay for the record I am an atheist and 2ndly that it is very hard to pin down the belief system of a character written by so many different authors over the years as Batman. Today had just been weird. When Bruce Wayne discovers a young girl, seemingly frozen in time with an uncanny resemblance to her lost love, Diana begins to question her memories. He could have kept her in the dark from the start, accepted her help in the same way Lucius helped, but found himself fighting back to back with h Dec 11, 2016 · Avengers x Male!Reader- First Impressions "Hey, guys! Welcome [M/N], our newest member!" Tony said enthusiastically, gaining the attention of fellow Avengers. After Forever And Always - Tim Drake x Reader Words: 1. Her dying wish was for you to get to know your father. This is my family. I don’t want to rush the good stuff! Part One. Although he successfully raised you alone, giving you the best education he could and providing everything a child might want, Bruce was far from being the perfect father. Requested: No (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED BUT I WILL TAKE SUGGESTIONS FOR FICS YOU’D LIKE TO SEE) Word Count: 1. Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color. 1 MORE DANGEROUS: TALLANT WAYNE When it comes to Elseworlds stories and alternate realities, so long as Batman is involved, there are quite a few versions of the same character. When a new Damian Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, commonly in association with Batman. Confused, Ivy fled to inform Selina of Bruce's odd behavior. ONE-SHOTS Batfamily x Batsis!Reader. After his parents were mugged and murdered by a masked gunman, Bruce beganto question the inner workings Related: Bruce Wayne Is Becoming A BETTER Batman In DC Comics. Description: You are the adopted daughter of Tony Stark, Damian is the son of Bruce Wayne. 1 Birth 1. " The two stepped into the mansion's lobby as Alfred went to find Bruce. ” “Maybe, but I’m still not teaching you. Then, you can act. 4 New 52 (Prime Earth) The group usually are seen interacting with one another and assisting in each other's cases in their respective series. Bruce and his bodyguard, Sasha Bordeaux, were discovered with the body, just as the GCPD burst onto the scene. Bruce Wayne/Batman x Child! Reader 8. The reader is about six or five in this story. Duality Part One / Part Two - Bruce’s girlfriend makes a confession that stops him in his tracks. I write for those Fandoms, but you can request any fandom. 's junior partner Robin). tim, batfamily, jasontod. Random Pov Bruce #bruce wayne #bruce wayne x reader #bruce wayne x you #bruce wayne x y/n #batfam x reader #batboys x reader #batfam #batman #batman x reader #batman x you #batman x y/n Batboys Helping with Exams HC (December 19) Batboys x Reader - “Hidden Kitten” Going to go get dry cleaning got you a lot of unwanted attention by a few men, thankfully, five vigilantes were patrolling the area and happen to spot you in trouble, but being the hidden daughter of Bruce Wayne and having been trained by your mother, Selina will you really need saving? The bat-boys in our universe… (HC) Requested by @jornnagreyjoy . thanks :)” requested by Batman x Reader "Bruce, do you mind if I come over tonight and work on the project at your house?" (Y/n) asked the man as they walked side by side down the hallway of Wayne Enterprises. Follow. The writers do nothing with the “Bruce Wayne is a fugitive from justice” Indicted for the murder of his girlfriend Vesper Fairchild, Bruce Wayne escapes Blackgate Prison and “goes on the lam” leaving it up to #batman #bruce wayne #dick grayson #red hood #robin #tim drake #batgirl #batboys #jason todd x reader #jason todd #red robin #nightwing x reader #dick grayson x reader #damian wayne #cassandra cain More you might like Annihilator,2 Ant-Man,3 Anti-Hulk,2 Banner of the Apes,4 Big Man,5 Bob Danner,6 Bruce Bancroft,7 Bruce Barnes,2 Bruce Baxter,28 Bruce Bixby,2 Bruce Davidson,29 Bruce Franklin,2 Bruce Green,2 Bruce Jones,2 Bruce Roberts,2 Bruce Ross,2 Bruce Smith,2 Captain Universe,10 David Banner,2 David Bannon,2 David Bixby,112 Devil,12 Devil Hulk,13 Doc,14 Doc Green,15 Dr. First there was a nasty bit of business in Metropolis, which Clark obviously couldn’t handle A month ago you found out that your biological father is Bruce Wayne after your mother passed away. 10 Batman Incorporated 2 Powers and Abilities 3 In Other Dec 25, 2020 · DC's Future State reveals Bruce Wayne is destined to share his parents' fate. "Of course you can. Request are temporarily closed. Bruce Wayne/ OC May 29, 2020 · Pairing: Damian Wayne x Twin!Reader Warnings: Language, obvi. Writing Promots: Batboys. It was nice to have a kid who would have an actual nightime. Bruce Wayne x Reader - Romantic Relationship. Like she was brought into the fam when bruce found out about her and it's kind of  17 Dec 2018 Imagine Bruce Wayne having a daughter around three years old and you I was wondering if you could perhaps do a Tim x reader where  Okay, I just thought this would be really funny Sep 06, 2015 · Teenagers - Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader. Damian Wayne x Reader. youngjustice, jasontodd, superman. Description: One-shot where Batman suffers a shot to the shoulder, resulting in reader having to patch him up and make everything better again. You were walking down the hall, minding your own business when a pair of strong hands pulled you into the manor’s library. Bruce Wayne, Jr WATERVILLE – Bruce Wayne Hamilton, 72, of Waterville, passed away on Dec. Although Bruce will say Talia did and he didn’t, cause you know… Brooding Wayne Request: Hey! I adore your writing, and I love everything you do with it! Could you write a Batman x daughter!reader where reader who is also a vigilante is traumatized and wakes up screaming , and Bruce freaks out then comes to help her? Thank you!! Have a glorious day!!! Requested by: @left-out-but-not-alone Word Count: 674 Requests are Open HERE. She is Dick Grayson's girlfriend until she must leave to protect her family Bruce Wayne/Reader Korean Compass Love Story Bruce Wayne Angst Dc Au One Sided Love X Reader. You finally broke down and called Diana for some advice. Reader x Batfam (platonic) Warnings: abusive mother, mother’s death, mentions of one-night stands, and of course, a few f-bombs. 4 Bane 1. 7 Villains United 1. Under the Moonlight. But there was something that she never told anyone afte Filed under damian wayne x reader batfamily x reader poison ivy x daughter!reader damian wayne x isley!reader batsis bruce wayne damian wayne dick grayson poison ivy tim drake jason todd cassandra cain alfred pennyworth batfamily my writing duke fox May 31, 2019 · Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader, James Gordon x Daughter!Reader. Your life was about to see its biggest change yet. Share 10 Mar 2018 Batman: An Origin Story, DC Comics Kids Books Read Aloud, Children's Books Read Aloud, Children's Books, Reading Aloud, ReadingRead . He nodded, smiling down at her. But when you have a bit of time for yourself, like right now, when you don’t have to worry about anything, you allow yourself a bit of relaxation. Meeting the League. 3 Batgirl 1. Filled requests: — “It was a joke, baby. Like she was brought into the fam when bruce #dc #marvel #spiderman imagine #peter parker imagine #captain america #captain america imagine #steve rogers #steve rogers imagine #peter parker x reader #steve rogers x reader #batman #batman imagine #bruce wayne #bruce wayne x reader #bruce wayne imagine #the flash #barry allen #barry allen x reader #barry allen imagine #iron man #tony stark 1 History 1. He felt like the worst parent in the work. Alex places, Bruce Wayne, beloved billionaire of Gotham and philanthropist, has a twenty year old daughter! Well, Brad, I would never have guessed that one. Is Batman's urchin really her daughter, or a product of a wild and wis For what it’s worth, Bruce’s wife is the daughter of Bruce’s adopted Kryptonian son, Clark Wayne, which sounds rather complicated if you ask us. This was so requested and I Ioooved writing it. ” Jeremy smiled and shook it, “Thank you Mr. Keep reading Request: So, I was wondering if you could write a story about the reader being Bruce Wayne's daughter and she really wants to go to this party but Bruce told her no. The single rider line Underworld’s Heiress’ Masterlist Band Members X Reader Asking Alexandria -Imagine 1: When Cameron see you in backstage -Imagine 2: Ben missing you because you’re on tour -Imagine 3: Ben holding your child by the first tim Black Veil Brides -Imagine 1: Arriving home and seeing this -Imagine 2: Trying to take Andy’s picture Bring Me The Horizon -Imagine 1: Making Oliver laugh -Imagine 2 "There's nothing wrong with being afraid. So the reader is usually around Damian and Tim’s age, but I’ve always loved the ones where she’s older. Is Batman's urchin really her daughter, or a product of a wild and wis “Pairings: Damian Wayne x sister!Reader, Batfam x batsis!reader Requested by anon: Hiiii can I request more Damian x batsis but she is 5 years old and can it be super fluffy just like the one of avengers assemble, I swear it was the cutest thing ever it can be about Halloween and matching costumes or going to the park or him helping her with kindergarten homework just something really fluffy Pretty Hate Machine-Bruce stabs reader to fulfill his destiny. Bruce Wayne Bruce never offered you a position really because he knew you didn’t care much. request (by anon): I have this headcanon that batsis!reader, bruce’s biological daughter, 13/14, doesn’t want to be a superhero. 42,971 views42K views. At some point (different stories tell it differently), Damian was artificially aged to 8 years Ash Grayson. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. They wouldn't need 10. Talia said he had a son, not a daughter? How had Damian never mentioned you Aug 06, 2016 · Bruce Wayne is always the main topic about a News report or the Newspaper. Read Bruce Wayne x Daughter Reader from the story DC Comics Imagines by batmanwife13 with 10,775 reads. A/N: This is pretty long so it's going to be divided into 2 parts, hopefully you  21 May 2016 I peeked over the top of the stair railing to the floor below and saw Bruce with Damian and Tim walk by dressed as Batman, Robin, and Red  6 Jun 2020 I think the idea of Bruce flipping shit over the reader being lost then treating her Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Batmom!reader (in the background) The Daughter Of Batman. Description: fluffy and angst. Whorey Heart Kinda Love. Imagine being the daughter of a well known mob boss in Gotham and meeting Bruce Wayne at a party… “So you’re a good friend of my father then?” You ask curiously as you look the man in front of you Patching Up - Bruce Wayne x Reader. Summary: You are Jim Gordon’s adopted daughter and the girlfriend of Bruce Wayne. 6K. She and Bruce truly love one another, although both know they cannot be together. Come Back For Me-Bruce has an internal conflict about his feelings for Selina An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Oct 20, 2016 · Relationship: Dad! Bruce Wayne X Reader. Word Count: 1,208 Requests are Open At seven years old, it seemed your life had always been subject to some sort of turmoil, and today was no different. Warnings: angst, arguing, sad Dick Grayson (POOR BABY) A/N: This mostly has to do with Dick, Bruce and the reader but there’s character mentions of the other batboys, also sorry this took so long to write love <3 ~~~ Living as Bruce Wayne’s daughter was never an easy Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Daughter!Reader “I think I’m old enough. Headcanons/OneShots You can call me (Sa)Brina. Word Count: 1541 Y/N had been dating Clark Kent for a little over two years now, she knew everything about him from his job at the Daily Planet to his duty as Superman Oct 15, 2019 · Damian Wayne x Reader Ivy’s Daughter - ongoing. • May 28, 2013. Athanasia was kept a secret to Bruce and Damien and trained through the League of Assassins, by Talia. A/N: SURPRIIIIIISE!! This is a miracle. It was common knowledge in Gotham that you were Bruce Wayne’s illegitimate child, and the rumor had it that he had left Aug 26, 2019 · Talia al Ghul, daughter of the Demon. Then I was wondering if Batman can come save her, but she doesn't know that Batman is her dad. Cold- Reader gets cold. Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader, James Gordon x Daughter!Reader. In order: Mr Wayne. Dec 23, 2020 · In the beginning of “Bruce Wayne: Murderer,” Bruce’s latest girlfriend, Vesper Fairchild, was found dead in Wayne Manor. . Everyone knows Batman's origin story; that he was the son of two wealthy Gothamites who saw his parents gunned down in an alley, and swore to avenge their deaths. But you need to have hair that is easily set into a shape like that. Pierced (Tim x Batmom) _____ Damian Wayne/Robin : Titus likes you…too much “Just play the damn game with me !” (Batmom x Damian) True blood son. Steve smiled, getting up from his place on the couch to shake his hand. The Break-Up (Part ¼)- Bruce Wayne x Reader Summary : That time the League, helped/lead by Smol Dickiebird, fixed Bruce and Batmom’s relationship. Meetings Pr. So here it is! Pairings- Bruce Wayne x daughter!reader. Dear Ma. But for arguments sake, let's divide it to 5 each. Attachment [Bruce Wayne x Reader] Anon requested: “Can you do an imagen based on: Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This with Bruce. Pairing: Damian Wayne x Twin!Reader Summary: Your decision to not become a vigilante made you invisible to your family. It’s an honor to meet you. The world’s greatest detective…can you tell me five things about your daughter?” “I don’t like cats” - Bruce Wayne x Reader “i love your stories. You taste like coffee. jasontodd, robin,  23 Jan 2020 Request: Can you do a Batman x Daughter reader where Bruce kinda forgets about her birthday (or special event) and Alfred fucking puts him  See a recent post on Tumblr from @nobodyscarebutandyou about bruce wayne x daughter reader. 3 Post-Crisis 2. " —Bruce Wayne[src] Bruce Wayne, later known as Batman,2 is the only son of the late Thomas and the late Martha Wayne, and the heir to the Wayne fortune. Jan 05, 2020 · Lab istant bruce banner x reader bruce banner earth 616 marvel Random Marvel Imagines S One Shots Bruce Banner X Reader WattpadAvengers One Shots Bruce Banner X Reader Fallen WattpadTony Stark And Bruce Banner Imagines Just A Little Cut WattpadTony Stark X Reader Lost Daughter A N WattpadTony Stark Bruce Banner By Xel On DeviantartAvengers… May 26, 2018 · An Easy Choice - Bruce x Reader: Your father is at the mercy of the mobs, and doesn’t want his daughter interacting with Bruce Wayne. Just a short one. His eyes widened when he saw Talia and Damian, and said, "I will get Master Bruce. 12 Mar 2020 pairing: bruce wayne x daughter!reader (batsis). #yandere bruce wayne #yandere bruce wayne imagine #yandere bruce wayne x reader #yandere dc #yandere dc comics #yandere dc comics x reader #my stuff #headcanons For anyone that was wondering (and because I didn’t have answer last time someone asked), I have 10 ships left to post 殺 Justice League x Teen Reader Series/ Bruce Wayne x protege . I Bruce Wayne, Jr. Prompt 32. RELATED: Batman Beyond is DC's Less Whiny Spider-Man. 7 Batman and the Outsiders 1. Crash Landing. Bruce Wayne x Reader. The man obviously had something against him and Atticus had a pretty good idea why. Batkids’ lovers (Batboys x Batsis Chatroom) You guys asked for more chatroom with the batboys and batsis so here it is. Read Bruce Wayne x Daughter Reader from the story DC Comics Imagines 2 by batmanwife13 with 3,164 reads. He's loosened up in terms of extending the Bat-Family and he's using guns (non-lethal, that is) and showing he's ready to evolve his militant style of thinking for a new era of criminals in Neo Gotham. Warnings: blood, torture. Request: Im in love with your batfam x daughter!reader fic. Once you realize it's normal, then you can put it in its place. Batman’s alter ego was famously framed for murder in “Bruce Wayne: Murderer,” which led to him becoming the Dark Knight full-time to find the culprit. “I’ll be back. Fight or flight Pick Me Choose Me Love Me Tim Drake x Reader Words: 1. One day he decides to flirt with which causes Clark to get jealous and show lots of P. Thinking you can be saved. Bruce Wayne/Batman x OC. 4 Revelations 1. His shoulders slumped and his body fell back into his chair. 28 May 2013 Batman Dawn of the Dynamic Duo read aloud children story book I can Read series. 3, 2020, surrounded by his family. ” If someone told you years ago that you will end up in this situation you would laugh until you can breath anymore. She is adopted by Bruce Wayne. You nodded enthusiastically and he ruffled your (h/c) hair. Part 1 - Part 2 - Masterlist ———————– “We need to talk. Alrighty than so i always see these fanfic where the reader is from the modern world and the batboys somehow get to the modern world but what annoys me is the reader is this super fan of them and is rather imo unlikable because of how awkward and fangirly she is so sense your request are open can i get the batboys x modern May 22, 2020 · Athanasia al Ghul aka Athanasia Wayne is the other secret daughter of Bruce and Talia, and granddaughter of Ra's. jason, batfamily, damianwayne. Pick Me Choose Me Love Me Tim Drake x Reader Words: 1. These characters range from heroes, villains and supporting characters that appear infrequently to the same types of characters that only take part in a single story. Do come in. 1 • Meetings Pt. "I know. “You’re batsis batsis!reader batsis imagine batbros batkids batboys x reader nightwing dick grayson dick grayson x reader nightwing x reader batfamily x reader batfamily dc x reader dc x y/n bruce wayne x daughter!reader jason todd x reader tim drake x reader damian wayne x reader red hood x reader batfam x batsis bruce wayne x batsis x batsis x batsis And The Baby Pairings: Damian Wayne x baby!sister!reader Requested by @thesunwof: Helluuuuuu! Just found your blog and WOOOOOOOW I AM LOOOOOOVING IT! So I have a wittle small request if you have the time ^^ I was wondering if you could write a batsis fic! Damian Wayne is alone at the manor cause he did something so Bruce grounded him and went on patrol with the others, when Damian is heading Your daughter didn’t had only the looks, but also the behavior. 2 Silver Age (Earth-One) 2. so is saving me like a weekly thing? 12. Hope you No one ever sat and ate here, except you and Alfred. Relationship: Older!Damian Wayne x Adopted Stark!Fem!Reader . Originally posted by esteljune. batsis batsis!reader batman x daughter batman x reader bruce wayne batman bruce wayne x reader daughter!reader sister!reader batfamily Stephanie Brown cassandra cain jason todd dick grayson red hood nightwing batgirl spoiler orphan black bat headcanons Sep 29, 2019 · You didn’t really had one, because you are always busy, either with the kids or helping Bruce with Wayne Enterprises and the charity activities you do very often. and 12? Go crazy with it. anyway, love you all. comics, yourname, dickgrayson. He is the genetically engineered son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, and thus the grandson of Batman villain Ra's al Ghul and the potential inheritor of Wayne Enterprises as the son of Bruce, he is also the grandson of Thomas and Summary: Your life was always changing and today was no different. Sometimes I like to write things. “Bruce Wayne, why is it I got a distraught phone call from your daughter today?” “Diana. But I really like this story, Jason and Dam are always too I can write a lot about so I love getting their requests. He was exhausted, he was grumpy, he could feel several bruises throbbing into bloom all over his body. pick me, choose me, love me & 4. ” Bruce pulled his daughter out of the club and into the alleyway in the back. 8 Vengeance and Batman R. U dont care about being vigilante. When you turned 16, all the girls from your school couldn’t shut up about the Debutante Gala, Gotham’s most fancy party to introduce the daughters of the richiest man of the city Part 2/2 (Erotica) (Roy x Reader x Jason) Salt, tequila, lemon _____ Timothy “Tim” Drake/Red Robin : Naked Birds. Summary: Poison Ivy creates a daughter but it’s not safe for her so Batman takes her in. Pairings- Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader Warnings- Fwuff :3 Requested by anon- Bruce stumbled out of the living room, with hardly any control on his faculties. Discover more posts about bruce wayne x daughter reader. Your eyes widened and you yelled out "Batman!" with a smile on your Bruce Wayne/Reader; Bruce Wayne & Reader; Bruce Wayne; Reader; Dick Grayson; Jason Todd; Tim Drake; Damian Wayne; Alfred Pennyworth; Reader's daughter; Reader is a mother; Alternate Universe - Soulmates; Post-it Notes; Fluff; Summary. A few minutes later, Bruce walked in. Written by: Kiera. Welcome To The Family - Batgirl/Barbara x Reader. Y/N'S POV   Read the talk Bruce Wayne X daughter reader from the story batman family by 444Lin888 (Jojo characters are ThIcC) with 1418 reads. Warnings: Fluff, Angst, swearing, canon typical violence. Warnings: Cursing, sort of panic attack type thing. Read and Review. In the middle of a fight, the daughter of Harley Quinn and the joker ,along with Batman's blood son, got sucked in by a portal. 2 — Damian has a sister who Dick is weirdly attracted to. make me) LINK TO The door squeaked open, and the figure of Alfred walked into the doorway. Mar 25, 2017 · Bruce Wayne x Reader [NSFW] Neglected Dick Grayson x Reader Valentine’s Day with Nightwing Our Doll [NSFW] Distraction Jason Todd x Reader [NSFW] Our Dirty Little Secret (½) [NSFW] Our Dirty Nov 26, 2020 · With his father's death avenged and Powers' plan thwarted, Terry later accepted Bruce's offer to be his personal assistant by day and to succeed him as Batman, under his supervision. However, if he unnecessarily excused  6 Sep 2015 Teenagers - Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader. Tony had an arm around a male's shoulders, and he looked uncomfortable with the contact. Athanasia has only appeared in the Injustice 2 prequels comics and has not year appeared in the prime earth continuity. A/N: this is strongly based off the song Rät by Penelope Scott. Batman X Child Reader: Don’t Give Up (Explicit! Please Read Warnings! May Contain Triggers!) Summary: The reader’s family is brutally murdered (graphic). Dick Grayson x Reader. "Please, all my friends are going!" Dec 17, 2019 - Read They Find you from the story Batfamily X Child Reader by Dax_The_Knight (Dax Clover) with 6,412 reads. The heiress should never have returned to Gotham. Word Count: 845 A/N: Look guys, I finally finished the thing! Requested: @soukouloutsouu Taglist: @loxbbg @fandomsaremylifeline @minamisulemisa @annoylinglyaries @greeknerd007 @thesuitelifeofafangirl @crazychild6025 Part One Part Two. Min-ji knew one day she'd find them and love them no matter what. Add to Favourites Alfred looked up from the pot and over at you and then Bruce, "I'm sorry  10 Sep 2017 Reader who was estranged from the batman side of his life. Jan 14, 2018 · Bruce offered a hand “A fine performance young man. " Please, all my friends are going!" & Teenagers - Bruce Wayne x Daughter! Reader. "Please, all my friends are May 31, 2019 · Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader, James Gordon x Daughter!Reader. He was born on Feb. Requested by anon:I need some more smol bean daughter reader x Bruce Wayne cause that shit was too CUUUTTEEEE!!! Hmmmm how about one where she brings her dad lunch and she wants to do it alone cause she a big girl? T^T oh my heart would give out at the cuteness. and daughter (Batsis x Damian) Period drama with mama Dec 17, 2019 - Read They Find you from the story Batfamily X Child Reader by Dax_The_Knight (Dax Clover) with 6,502 reads. She and Bruce conceived Damian. She could walk just fine on her own, despite being Requested by Anon: Can I have a Joker imagine we’re the reader is a girl Robin and the Joker kidnaps her and makes her his new “toy?” Thank you!! Summary: You’re the adoptive-daughter of Bruce Wayne. 5 52: World War III 1. summary: Things have been difficult in the family since the  23 Oct 2016 Requested by Anon - Bruce's daughter(reader) is sent to live with him after her “(Y/N),” your father, Bruce Wayne, spoke gently to bring your  12 Aug 2016 Wayne's gaze. batfamily, dickgrayson, jason. It was the day after your birthday. Video Diary. Post DK. Safe and Sound- Bruce saves reader from a party. 1K 74. a no cape au where Bruce and the reader are two people who are young and in love and married and have the time and money to be able to adopt a bunch of children despite not knowing how to tend and care for them. Space Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 You are the sister of Bruce Wayne (the fuck Batman) When your parents died that night, you was in your mother’s arms You was just a baby And took the shot with your mom But you survived (for a price) Bruce couldn’t looked to you, so you were created separately You both grew up like strangers (Alfred having to split Jason todd dick grayson bruce wayne toddler!batsis jason todd x reader jason todd x batsis dick grayson x reader bruce wayne x reader bruce wayne x daughter!reader red hood x reader nightwing x reader batman x reader dc x reader source: unknown batfam x reader incorrect quotes incorrect quotes dc incorrect quotes y/n incorrect quotes reader #damian wayne #damian wayne x reader #damian wayne imagine #damian wayne headcanon #robin #robin x read #robin imagine #robin headcanons #Diana prince x daughter reader #diana prince #wonder woman x daughter reader #wonder woman #wonder robin #rslcreates #rslwrites #dc imagine The product he uses in the movie is called 'hair stylist'. “I didn’t know –” “Yeah there seems to be a lot you don’t know. 361K 11. Sometimes you see a reports on Batman instead, maybe even Superman. Professor Wayne 2. Bruce Wayne X Daughter! Reader. The first year after Steve Trevor's death was a blur for Diana Prince. Relationship: Dad! Bruce Wayne X Reader. so can it be a romantic thing with a gender neutral reader and they’re snowed in at readers family cabin? Teenagers - Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader by latte-to-go on DeviantArt "Oh, come on dad!" You begged as you followed Bruce through the hallway and into the kitchen. Being Bruce Wayne’s daughter makes you a target in many ways, both as the daughter of a Gotham’s billionaire and more secretly, the infamous Batman. Professor Wayne 4/4. Jim Gordon x Reader - Father/Daughter Relationship. Cover by mysticauthor-chan If you like Bruce Wayne, read this book. Request: Soooooo I’ve read like every Batsis I can find and I have a premise for one. Characters in this chapter: Y/N Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, b/s/f, b/f, best friend’s boyfriend. was the biological son of Bruce Wayne of an alternate reality in which the elder Wayne married and had children. Bruce's Pov I was out Jul 26, 2017 · Bruce felt his heart drop as he checked the date. “If you tell me what’s going on, I’ll take you out on my motorcycle,” Jason tried to bribe you with no success. Logan) ~ Show You Around (ft. She is adopted by Bruce Wayne. Neither are your brothers. Fight back. The two of you have been together for a long time and are college aged. " The news reader turned to her counterpart, but Bruce didn't hear the rest of it, staring into Dec 14, 2020 · Y/N Wayne Damian Wayne's older sister and Bruce Wayne's daughter. The comfort of Loving arms (The batkids and Bruce seeking comfort in hugs from Batmom) Good Night Rituals. She is the mother of Damian Wayne. Hints — Dick finds a creative way to remind you about a very significant day. I. Bad Day . Jason todd x reader. You lied awake in the bed alone for the second night in a row waiting for your husband to come in. You are Bruce Wayne's biological daughter. Aug 19, 2019 · (I’m going to guess the reader is going to be Damian’s sister, you might be talking about Athanasia, but she doesn’t exist in my canon) Honestly, it was probably more or less the same thing. Disbelief [Jason Todd x Deaf!Reader] Anon requested: “HI!!!! your blog looks cool!!, Would you do an imagen where Jason meets a girl at one of Bruce’s parties, but the reader is deaf, so he struggles with how to talk with her. But then I was listening to a comedian named Eliza Schlesinger and I thought omg that would be hilarious if Batmans long lost daughter was a successful comedian!! I could see her knowing who her dad TV Shows: Gotham fanfiction archive with over 1,599 stories. 9 R. Bruce Wayne Jr. Joker x daughter Reader. Joker x Reader Part 1 Nightwing x   14 Mar 2020 We shift scenes to Gotham City where Bruce Wayne is getting an earful from They'd shot her son and daughter to "teach her a lesson" for writing an your readers just thought you were making a visceral political statement. In your face, Article 13. Batman doesn’t eat pie “You’re not even my mom !” _____ Bruce Wayne/Batman : Professor Wayne 1/ 4 (Teacher!AU) Professor Wayne 2/4. I'll see what I can do. ;) If you have the right hair for this, wax will do just fine. When she gets entangled with the Batman's ongoing investigation, they may very well be surprised by their discovery. 1 Description 2 Members 2. Now, Bruce would probably be the most surprised. It started with Bruce aiming to redesign Gotham City in Batman #86 and, just as recently as Batman #94, Bruce swore to become an even better vigilante in Alfred's memory. Originally posted by henrycavillz Clark Kent x Reader Request: Reader is dating Clark but Bruce has a small crush on the reader also. Don’t Panic- Reader has a panic attack. What was so bad about learning to drive? You pursed your lips as your readied yourself to shoot out another excuse. :3 pretty please? <3 <3 <3″ A/N: Tbh I have never heard of the song before but omg I could just imagine badass, stubborn reader trying so hard to not fall in love. 1, 1948 to Charlotte and Harold Hamilton in Hartland. " (Y/n) smiled softly at him. You tried to forget his existence in the past 10 years but it was kinda impossible when your kids were looking exactly like him. 3 The Red Hood 1. Y/N'S POV "Dad, will you pl We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Keeping Secrets - You find out what Bruce is doing when he disappears at night Cravings Sequel (Jason Todd x Reader) Description: Jason is on a mission, the reader is about to have twins and the only people available to be by her side are Damian and Jon, the SuperSons. arrow, love, batman. ” Jeremy chuckled before patting your shoulder, “I should get back to the misses, great show tonight. Whoever guesses them all, I’ll write a story just for them. 1 Early Life 1. Erik) Warren Worthington III:(Angel) ~ Last Christmas. ” Rolling your eyes you chuckled, “Don’t feed their egos. Every little thing your daughter does reminds you of Jason, especially her face when she is mad. Bruce found you two later, both clearly feeling down… Keep reading · Bruce Wayne x Reader Batman x Reader  29 May 2019 Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader, James Gordon x Daughter!Reader. — I see fire: Inspired by the First Burn Hamildrop - Reader finds out Bruce cheated. "Hi, [M/N]. She is an occasional lover and enemy of Batman. Also, if you request something and don't clarify that you want it written (as a OneShot, Headcanons, Drabble, etc,) then I'll assume you mean a concept. A/N: this is so short and bad I’m really sorry, I just didn’t know how to make it longer so I hope you enjoy? ~~~ “What the Hell were you thinking?” My father yelled at me as soon as we got into the bat cave. (Bruce Wayne/Batman x Soulmate! Korean Female Character) The compass on her wrist told her how far her soulmate was, and when she touched it, she could feel everything they feel. Bruce Wayne x Reader / What it takes to be a hero series. Clark Kent's Demigod Daughter by Sam Uley. Your mother just died and you have to move in with your father. Warnings: Actually…I think none… Word Count: 970 Requested: @soukouloutsouu. ” He said in a gruff whisper rushing to his daughter’s room, only to find she wasn’t there. 5/4 (erotica-ish) Professor Wayne 3/ 4. I’m a sucker for big time angst and a protective Jim x x - @strangeranchdragoneggs Fandom: Gotham, Bruce Wayne x teenager!fem!reader. Jerome Valeska x Reader - Past Friendship. Teenagers - Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader "Oh, come on dad!" You begged as you followed Bruce through the hallway and into the kitchen. Love my siblings Jay, Tim, Dami, and Cass. 9 Becoming Black Bat 2 Controversy 3 Gallery 4 Costume & equipment 5 Training and abilities 6 Language skills 7 In other media 8 Trivia 9 External links A child prodigy; Cassandra Cain was conceived and trained from birth with the Jul 23, 2020 · Since then, Bruce has had to go on without his first ally. D. Your "brothers" are less than welcoming. 1 History 1. Jason Todd x Reader Justice League x Teen Reader Series/ Bruce Wayne x protege . Despite your rebellious attitude, you do what you can to appease him and Gotham, even if you have to fight by his side. P. Jason was always good for moving you quickly before you could scream. Not So Bulletproof- Reader is a gangster that needs help. x reader #damian wayne #red gay dc bruce wayne dick The Batman Family or Bat Family for short is a network of likeminded crimefighters who operate in and around Gotham, with Batman as its head. You were brought to Wayne Manor, it felt so alien compared to the little two bedroom apartment that you and your mother lived in. Nov 24, 2016 · Jokers Daughter Imagine: Betrayal Request: (anon) Can I have an imagine where you are Joker daughter and batsman takes you. Enjoy! Relationship(s): Bruce Wayne x Daughter! Reader, Batfam x Sister! Reader. reader, bruce's biological daughter, 13/14, doesn't want to be a superhero. So, she sneaks out and ends up getting herself kidnaped. After a while, he tells her about being the Batman, and she learns that her best friend is Robin. Up next: Booster Gold Jul 01, 2017 · Just a Little longer (Bruce Wayne x Daughter who is a small child! Reader) Schninner: So I made a little sad piece last year about a mother and her son, and today I thought, “Hey, I could rewrite it to make it about Bruce and his daughter!”. ” An aura of confusion donned over him as the Amazonian descended the stairs. 8 One Year Later 1. 4K 19 4 When (Y/N) is nearly killed by her own father's hand, she is sent to stay with her childhood friend, Bruce Wayne. They can do the job with half that. I hope you like it! WARNINGS: period (fem reader), confrontation, pain killers, crying (good crying Bruce Wayne, also known by his vigilante persona Batman, is a fictional character who is the main protagonist in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy of superhero films, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Unsteady. The more enemies Bruce gains, the more he fears what it means for your safety, which is what ultimately led him to make the decision to send you to Themyscira. A/N: This is pretty long so it’s going to be divided into 2 parts, hopefully you don’t mind. Ur new siblings some r welcoming some r not. But now there you were, sitting at the dinner table with your children, your boyfriend, your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you and didn’t wanted to be the father of his children, with the woman who he cheated on you with on his side; also, let’s not forget about his family that More than a billionaire, more than a businessman, more than Gotham’s vigilante, Bruce Wayne was your father. May 20, 2020 · 1. “But how am I gonna be able to save more people if I can’t drive? Hopping on roofs can only get ~ The Secret That Never Got Told (x Daughter reader) Charles Xavier:(Professor X) ~ Don’t Read Thoughts Without Asking (x Daughter reader) Peter Maximoff:(Quicksilver) ~ You Make Me Feel Good Enough ~ Worried (x sister reader) ~ Nightmares Get Worse (ft. 130 18. I got the inspiration. Can you spot all the easter eggs (from my main Batmom stories) I scattered in this story ? …You know what ? Let’s make it a game. 6 One Year Later 1. Tags: #tim drake #tim drake imagine #tim drake imagines  514A later approached Ivy Pepper and asked her who Bruce Wayne is and why they look identical. While he’s been the World’s Greatest Detective for years, Batman faced one of his biggest mysteries during “Bruce Wayne: Murderer” and “Bruce Wayne: Fugitive. Prompt: “You don’t need to protect me!” Warnings: sad, kinda angsty. Bruce's Pov I wa Batman X Child Reader: Don’t Give Up (Explicit! Please Read Warnings! May Contain Triggers!) Summary: The reader’s family is brutally murdered (graphic). Being the Artist/ Sensitive Also Kinda Scary Wayne Daughter HC (lol): Originally posted by emotitude. I told you, you're welcome when you like. 5 Lexcorp 1. - Bruce Wayne x Reader ellana-ravenwood Synopsis : After a few shitty weeks of everything going wrong, you somehow find yourself faking a relationship with the one and only Bruce Wayne. Hammer that does pretty much anything you can think of. Request: Can you do a story where the reader; who is close with Bruce (maybe like being his niece or god-daughter) has been helping Batman for a while and feels jealous/threatened when Batgirl starts making an appearance and ends up having a fight to see if Barbara is up to the task of being part of the bat-family? Bruce Wayne should have kept his distance from her. Jul 26, 2018 · (Bruce Wayne/Batman x OC) When Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham he met two people in the basement of Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox and a woman unlike most. I'm Steve. 1. 2 Batman 1. 9k Requested? Yes! From a lovely anon! “Greetings! May I please request 3. A. 1 Golden Age (Earth-Two) 2. incorrect dc comics platonic jason todd jason todd x reader bruce wayne x reader incorrect dc quotes young justice dc universe bruce x Bring my daughter back! young justice bruce wayne dc comics bruce wayne x reader diana prince x reader dc universe incorrect dcu diana prince batfam incorrect quotes incorrect dc quotes platonic imagine incorrect quotes 665 notes Feb 1st, 2020 Baby, 21. Bruce Wayne x Reader . Late Night Revelations —You were not expecting his face to be the one underneath that mask. The loss has weighed on him heavily and he has since tried to operate in a different manner in Alfred's name. Part Two Part Three ∆ Fourteen hours after a harsh labor and one hour of pushing, your daughter made her grand entrance ∆ Finally Damian started shedding his tears, and on the outside of the room, once Talia and Bruce heard the baby’s cries… They both teared up. & Final Crisis 1. Wayne. Biological Daughter of Bruce Wayne. Three days, he hadn’t had any sleep. To you it Bruce is stunned when he sees is daughter come down the stairs to the foyer. "In a few moments, Bruce Wayne will be live on stage to explain his sudden interest in Gotham politics. Wife to Richard Grayson. One • Two. bruce wayne x daughter reader

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