colt 36 caliber bullet mold Colt Model 1903 . Type: Size: Cartridge: MM#: TT#: Location Recovered: Description:Roundball pistol bullet mold. It will shoot 45 Long Colt reload lead. 36 caliber Colt bullet molds Comprising: 1) Two straight-legged blued iron molds for the Model 1851/61 Navies, both with Colt's/Patent marked sprue cutters, one with right block marked 36B, the other not marked. Brass two piece   COLT 2nd gen made brass bullet mold for the Navy or other models, that's never been used. 36 cal bullet mold. A Brass Italian made bullet mould, Items Ordered: Order Value: Late Gunmakers to BM22) Iron . 45, # of Bids: 3. 31 Caliber Model 1849 Colt Revolver Bullet Mold. Colt Root Revolver Bullet . Price: £48. 44 and see how the bullet weight vs velocity variations work out. While not the largest supplier by any means - the ones that are made int he mold that Eras Gone sells are supposed to be very good shooters out of a . revolvers in that time period by Colt Mfg. 44 Caliber. They are $60 post paid and are two cavity molds produced on a proprietary run by LEE Precision. 58 caliber Civil War style minnie Ball. 75 CamPro - 45-70 cal (. Please look at the images to determine value and contact us with any questions before biddi. 577 caliber Enfield bullet, . Priced $63. Both cavities remain in excellent condition. 50 or 9. They can handle more but it just wears the gun out faster. , 3-ring Minie ball with complete skin cartridge still intact. 44, and 1 . 375 ball. Nov 28, 2016 · Classic cap and ball revolvers meet modern ballistic gelatin: 31-caliber Colt Baby Dragoon, 36-caliber 1861 Navy revolver, and 44-caliber Uberti Colt 1848 Dragoon. These poorly-made balls were probably rejected when produced by a soldier using a bullet mold. the hinge pin. 90405 Lee Double Cavity Black Powder R E a L Bullet Combo Mold 45 Cal Nov 30, 2018 · He can make u just about any bullet mold but he doesnt make pointed ones so a replica of a colt cartridge works . Looks to be in fair to good condition overall. This mold should cast a 38 Cal. From a . Learn More » RCBS 38/357 Cal. 9 watching. CIVIL WAR COLT 1851 NAVY PATENT MODEL 36 CAL BULLET MOLD IN NICE CONDITION:$125. 31C BRASS BULLET MOLD (POCKET MODEL) Price: $55. Left side of trigger guard stamped "36 CAL". These "slip top" boxes are available in Oak, Maple and Walnut and are designed to hold your cartridges bullet up. 45-70 trapdoors. Qty: 1. 44 had a 5. 31 caliber brass bullet marked "Colt's Patent". 00. 36 CAL. View Bullet Mold preparation video for proper mold lubrication and smoking. ALL ORIGINAL AND COMPLETE . The slotted are of the sprue cutter is rounded at the end. Bullet mold, "Colt's patent" round ball and bullet, . Price, Order Now. Colt Style Cap Tin; Pietta Parts Kits; Powder Flasks; . 36 Caliber W/handles 90378 on sale for a great price at our online store! If you have questions about the Lee Double Cavity Mold . Description Hide Details This is a Pedersoli manufacture bullet mould for Colt pattern black powder revolvers. 36 caliber London Model 1851 Navy, 2nd model 32146, serial numbers matching (marked five times), original mahogany Colt case, 80% silver plate, 50% original blue, brass powder flask with eagle and shield, "E. The right side of the mold body is stamped "36 P". 36 Caliber Conical Bullet Mold For Black Powder Cap And Ball Revolvers. Charger needs to be polished a little bit, should clean up just fine. 36 / . Maker: Colts Patent. 2. com Check out this video on my paper cartridge kits: https://youtu. The right side shows the 36 B marking. You will get 12 bullets (6 round ball & 6 conical) from this original bullet mold. 53 mm) in diameter, the same as the See more of Eras Gone Bullet Molds on Facebook. 375" diameter, 130 grain, heel-base conical bullet for 1851 Colt . In addition, the bullets feature a well-defined cannelure that holds the jacket and core together while allowing a tight crimp to eliminate movement of the bullet in its case. It is brass  Iron . 5 inch barrel while the . In as found condition when I acquired it from a private collector's family. 6) 28 caliber Colt mold, steel construction, 2 cavity, standard markings. C & B Revolver Conical Mold. 2) Tranter patent brass mold . Absolutely no cleaning done. noted otherwise, all RCBS bullet moulds are double cavity type. Louis Arsenal . Main body of the mold is made out of brass & the sprue cutter is made of steel. Each mould is identified by a five or six digit number, followed by two or three letters. It was a big advance from the round lead ball. these were for sale by John S. 1851 colt . Title I do have a hollow-base bullet mold for a 150-gr. 36 bullet was an excellent design and much different than the ungrooved conical bullets that were cast in the Colt produced molds. More Details ». --$79. For rates, please view our shipping information. Log In. 32 caliber Magazine Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Lee 6-Cavity Bullet Mold C358-158-SWC 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 38 Colt New Police, 38 S&W (358 Diameter) 158 Grain Semi-Wadcutter Gas Check $ 49. 36 Caliber Bullet Mold in very nice condition with all of its original blue finish. 5 inch barrel. Conversion *. iron bullet mold correct for the Model 1851, . 44 caliber, and it could be fractionally larger if measured more precisely and at the base of the bullet. T&T describes as for Navy, police and belt revolvers. €74. Jun 15, 2016 · Repro Colt Paterson Powder Charger Flask And 36 Caliber Bullet Mold Dixie Arms:$178. Original 36 Caliber Mold Inspected WAT & MM'. It is fitted all over but Looks to be in fair to good condition. Colts Patent marking on the sprue cutter. 45 Colt . It’s also a little rusty inside and out and needs a good cleaning and oiling. 36 C & B. There is an excellent photograph of on Aug 20, 2020 · Colt Pattern Bullet Mould – For one round ball and for one conical bullet. 36 ball size. Available in 18″ to 36″ length barrels. Lee . BRASS BULLET MOLD FOR . Cal. No weight is given the conical bullet for this model but it's known that it had its own bullet mould, casting a shorter and lighter conical bullet than the Navy . 31 cal Colt Baby Dragoon Eras Address 105 Winding Oak Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. … (30-2144). 44 Caliber The Lee Conical BP Revolver Bullet Mold, item # IK -214300, will cast . But I can’t be sure if your pistol was made by Uberti. 44 Caliber Combustible: Back in the day (1850's) Colt patterned the "Combustible Paper Cartridge" in 1855 for both rifle and pistol firearms. The long heel is tapered and will fit easily into the chamber of any original or reproduction . Although The Colt Navy 1851 Revolver Are commonly Known as Cap And Ball Revolvers, During The Civil War They Were usually Loaded With a Conical Bullet. Cal approx . We don’t have a web site . Two cavity mold made both conical and round bullets. Always check availability before ordering. 36 caliber “belt” revolvers. B95. 5 caliber. SKU: PD-USA-293-360. 36 Caliber 1851 Navy Revolver SOLD : Original Set of Newton Rifle Loading Tools in Original Can SOLD: Lyman Ideal 38-55 Reloading tool in box w/ Extras SOLD: Winchester Model 1882 Reloading Tool in 44-40 w/Decapper SOLD: Rare Winchester Reloading tool in Caliber 50-110 Aug 11, 2020 · I review and test fire the very rare . 5" octagon barrel. Colt 1851 Navy Bullet mold – 36 caliber. Web ID:  Features of Lee Bullet Molds: All Lee Mold Blocks are made from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities; The mold cavities are CNC machind  This auction is for one Colt Patentvintage 36 caliber bullet mold. The mould features solid brass construction and a blued steel top plate. Bid on Lot #1052: Four Colt's Patent Navy Revolver Caliber Bullet Molds - All molds in this lot are steel construction in dual chamber (round and conica Ideal No. The NP is a British proof mark. 31 Caliber Bullet Mold Recovered Chickamauga Battlefield Georgia Antique Colt's Patent - $194. Further down on the side of the mold is a small F sub-inspection mark. Colt Manufacturing Co. 36" I put a dug one I had in it and it fit nicely so I'll include it with the M205 Antique Original Blacksmith hand forged iron bullet mold . 44 caliber Colt 1860 Army revolver -- . 36 bullet was an  . 36 caliber, by means of rebating the frame and adding a “step” to the Description. 36 Caliber 1851 Navy Revolver Click image to view item details. The right side of the block is marked Left side of frame stamped "COLTS / PATENT". 58 cal 3-ring minie ball, 1 Colt . : GunBroker is the largest seller of Muzzleloader Supplies & Black Powder Parts Black Powder & Muzzleloaders All: 887778156 "Colt 1851 Navy Revolver . 36 Navy casts six (6) cast lead bullets each use. E. 458) 300gr RSFP Plated 100/Bag $ 21. 60. Show more. 54 Cal. Buy the Lee Double Cavity Mold . be/3Zx3Ph3xsak M203 Antique Original Blacksmith hand forged iron bullet mold . 36 Caliber Bullet Mold Despite the small numbers purchased during the War, the Colt Cartridge Works . SKU: M8360 $225. 36 M1862 Pocket and Police - Conical bullet over 15 grs. THE MOLD HAS GOOD METAL AND MARKINGS OF COLTS PATENT ON THE TOP OF THE MOLD. 38 S&W / . 357 Magnum and similar cartridges. Exhibits a smooth patina with patches of original bluing and a few light… (480-157) SOLD. Pluribus Unum", Colts Patent bullet mold, made 1853-1857 in London. By the Way, the original bullet that was used as a model to produce our mold was recovered near Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 162 Gr. S. Cavity Bullet Mold# 82033 Up for auction is a nice clean RCBS 2 cavity bullet mold. 36 cal. 451" 50 gr JHP 100/ct …and built for maximum accuracy plus game shooting ability. Category: Civil War Items A Specialty (Buy-Sell-Trade) May 09, 2020 · Dragoon Bullets In The Colt Walker. . $13. Bullet Casting Supplies. 36 cal revolvers take a . May 22, 2017 · These molds were developed from measurements from original bullets and the CAD drawings for the molds were done by Steve Sheldon of the 4th LA. Molds like these were carried by soldiers to make bullets in camp for their Colt or other maker made pistols that were of that caliber. Learn More » Colt Bullet Mold, Cal. 000). I definitely like these bul . 490 rnd ball dbl cavity Bullet Molds - (by fsreloading. 36 would be out of the question. 52 caliber Sharps Ringtail, . 00 (mg-142) If you're the proud owner of a . The right side of the   Results 1 - 31 of 31 Colt 36 Caliber Gang Bullet Mold. (GC, RN, 101 - TP is 305) 266324 Originally designed for the 6. Colt 36 Caliber Gang Bullet Mold Save 32 bullet mold to get e-mail alerts and  Lee Bullet Molds are a great choice for reloaders looking for a quality mold at an affordable price. 36 Caliber Mold has survived in very good condition. But I am not interested in shooting hollow based wad cutters. ACC/6080B. 31 caliber). Fine "COLTS PATENT" Marked . A. 36 Caliber and . Buyer pays $6. 36 CALIBER BRASS BULLET MOLD Approximately 5" brass mold with iron sprue cutter that is a bit too pitted to read any markings that may have been on it. (11. F. $100. 69 cal Musket Ball. 1860s this is a great piece of military history. Sep 10, 2020 · Old West Bullet Moulds Old West Bullet Moulds Old West Bullet Moulds Old West Bullet Moulds. 36 Caliber Colt 1851/1861 Navy Bullet Mold. 54 Caliber 300 Grain. Maker mark: “Colt’s Patent”. Item number: 380-126-3R. The right side of the mold is clearly stamped 36 B, identifying it as being for Colt’s . B96. Lead RN Performance Wheel Gun Smokeless Ammo Box of 50 12 Bullets From a Civil War Era . its a decent bullet mold and  The . 36 CALIBER BULLET MOLD IN NICE CONDITION. 44 Colt Produced at the Richmond Laboratory. 36 caliber Bullet Mold for the 1862 Colt Civil War Navy and Police Revolver. This Remington Pattern Brass . Our Price: $28. 44 Caliber Bullet Mold. ) Bullet Over the years, we have collected and offered almost every type of round used during the War. 36-Caliber Colt Conicals From Eras Gone Bullet Molds: Testing The 17-Grain Load Eras Gone Bullet Molds Review (And Giveaway Result!) Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. 36 had a 6. Caliber/Gauge: . 22 cal Powder Coat Bullet – . COLT PATENT PISTOL BULLET MOLD. Mold opens COLT 1861 NAVY 36 CAL UBERTI REPR… Sep 22  Save money by molding your own black powder revolver conical bullets. NEW - Pay Pal not accepted. Two cavity type; one round ball, one conical ball. 58 cal Gardiner Patent Explosive Bullet-Lettering On Bottom Is Not Eras Gone Bullet Molds. " inspector mark. I was wanting to get a couple of '51 navies and use the R and D conversion on them. Bullet Molds - (by fsreloading. Bullet Molds & Casting Supplies. 44 caliber bullet mold is stamped with the number "57" on the hinge pin and it has a spru-cutter with wooden handle. Colt Pattern USA250 Brass Colt pattern mould with one round ball and one conical projectile USA250-31 - 31 Cal USA250-36 - 36 Cal USA250-44 - 44 Cal Lyman Bullet Mold, Round Ball . Wilson's book "Sam Colt Presents" on page 164-165. Available in 2 calibers: . 24 to . B97. 58 caliber three ringer rifle musket. ANTIQUE BULLET MOLD - C37107. Results . Shipping Show Details. 520 bullet. Brand New. 36 Caliber Conical Bullet Mold For Black Powder Cap And Ball Revolvers. Set up fees for custom molds are expensive. For one round ball and for one conical bullet . Qty. Available in 24"-36" length barrels. If you don't see your desired mold, check out our custom services page. 36P stamped near. 44 caliber revolver. 36 Caliber Revolvers. Made: C. Perfect for the civil war/military collector! Measures at 9 1/8 long when open 4 3/4 long when shut 5/8 wide The bullet measurement shows 7/16" which is . 38/357#82033. Stock. Each case is labeled "CIVIL WAR 1861-1865" on the front with the name Very nice condition, double cavity, . Typical Civil War-era “New Model” Colt type bullet profile. size. Returns are ok if they are sent back within 3 days of receipt in as sent condition and buyer pays for shipping and insurance if applicable Please contact us Lee 2-Cavity Round Ball 375" Diameter Bullet Mold For Colt Navy 36 Caliber Cap And Ball Revolvers. 358 diameter, 140 grain, SemiWad Cutter nose bullets suitable for . Nicely marked - Available at 2011 June Dallas Signature Arms Nice example of a Colt shot and bullet mold. 1) Steel Colt 36 caliber ball & bullet mold; 2) Steel mold marked only “44-H” 44 caliber ball & bullet mold; 3) Steel Colt 36 caliber ‘51-‘61 Navy bullet & ball mold; [more like this] EXTREMELY RARE CASED MARTIALLY MARKED COLT SECOND MODEL DRAGOON REVOLVER. (Fig. 36 has a max load of 25 gr buy volume measure of 3 fg also called FFFg black powder. 36 Caliber Colt Bullet Mould. 00 1) Colt bullet mold, 44 caliber, brass body, steel cutter, 2 cavity. The top of the sprue cutter is marked "COLT'S PATENT". This type doesn't have a rebated base and was produced at the Richmond Laboratory. Perfect for exposed lube on your HEEL BASE bullets! Available in two sizes for inside or outside lubed bullets 38 - works for 38 Colt (short or long), 38 Special & 41 Colt 44 - works for 44 Colt, 44 Russian, 44 Special, 44 Magnum 26 Caliber mold descriptions for Lyman / Ideal molds 26 Caliber . Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more videos. Lead Bullet Lyman Moulds, Reloading Equipment, Tools, Components, and Accessories: Midsouth Shooters offers a variety of Lead Bullet Moulds by Lyman in different sizes to fit your needs. The family of Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers evolved from the earlier commercial revolvers marketed by the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company of Paterson, N. So start with 18 gr and work it up till its updated 10. 36 $ 88. 1) Antique rifle bullet mold unmarked. Sprue cutter is marked Colts Patent, though faded, and right hand side of mold is marked 36P. Not suggested for perfect balls or bullets, as brass moulds always fluctuate in size when used compared to steel moulds. 50 Caliber 295 Grain PowerBelt Lead Hollow Po Jun 04, 2011 · Came in . 3K likes. Cavities for round ball and conical bullet both perfect. 375 Dia. 44 caliber “New Army” uses, and they can also be used in the . The mold has the round ball and the distinctive second style heeled and pointed conical (see Rapley's "Colt Percussion Accoutrements, 1834-1873, pages 238-239). We offer over 1000 cast bullet molds, shooting supplies & bullet casting supplies. It is a very early style. 36-caliber Colt conical bullet with black powder and also with Pyrodex. $3. 8) A Whitney style bullet mold marked U. $235 Press HERE To Return to Uncle Davey's Main Page An excellent ,36 cal. 36C BRASS BULLET MOLD (ARMY/NAVY/RGT) 3) 36 caliber mold, with "D" on the cutter, "S" on the left handle, and "wat" on the left side. 36 that most likely i would need a . 36. 22 Caliber 36 Grain TC BulletBevel Base DesignMaterial: Aluminum. Dual cavity ball and conical bullet for Cap and Ball Revolvers This classic Colt bullet Mold reproduce be Pedersoli in Italy is the perfect addition for your Colt . originals listed in any books. 99 Mar 30, 2012 · A . Vintage, rifle & pistol bullet molds for muzzle loaders, target shooting, hunting & plinking. 3 €. PRICE $42. ) and other times, such as on German made DWM ammunition, a catalog number code is used for the caliber. Some are for the 1853 Navy 36 caliber, and some are for the 1860 Army 44 caliber. Normally, I use a lubed leather wad between ball and powder (I This classic Colt bullet Mold reproduce be Pedersoli in Italy is the perfect addition for your Colt . 36 caliber thieves where used for either a Flintlock or Percussion. This mold Allows You To Load Your Revolver With The Proper Bullets. But impressed with the ease of casting compared to my aluminum lee mold. Military Arms Inspector Marks by Anthony Daum & Charles Pate. The base of the bullet slips into the chamber while the next two lands guide and seal with a perfect press fit. Accurate Molds offers CNC lathe bored bullet molds in aluminum, brass, and iron. 450 Available: . mold for Manhattan pistols. Colt Bullet Mold, Cal. SN 10465. 38 COLT New Police / . 38 Special / . Our Price: CA6408 CONICAL BULLE MOULD 36 CAL. Home; Black Powder Arms For Sale; Store This is a Colt Bullet Mold for the 1862 Colt Police and Navy Revolver. 36 Cal - . Ranger . In very good condition. Accessories. It can be used with loose powder and bullet, or prepared in combustable cartridges much like those made by Sam Colt one hundred and fifty years ago. 44 cal. I believe these came from a Dixie Arms. 28 to . 454" dia. The bullet is . 001" or less. 58 Caliber, . MODEL 1851 NAVY COLT Colt . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Brass Colt 36 Caliber Bullet Mold Pistol at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many  5 Jan 2019 This video is a response to a viewer request to test the . Description: COLT 2nd gen made brass bullet mold for the Navy or other models, that's never been used. 31 Caliber: 12 Bullets From a Civil War Era . I’ve done a great deal of experimenting with different kinds of bullets in my . Item #: DROL822 (Sold) COLT REVOLVER IRON 31 CALIBER BULLET MOLD Click image to Colt Pattern bullet mould. 3) A crude brass mold in approx . It would make one round ball and one bullet. 36 Caliber Colt 1851/1861 Navy Bullet Six Bullets From a Rare Civil War Colt . Some blue on the sprue cutter and block, both outside and in. 385-185 Rapino Bullet 41L Colt. The cylindrical "shank" or "bearing surface" of the bullet, just in front of the cartridge case mouth, was . Here are drawings of the . 36 calibre. Brass two piece straight leg body. Navy Bullet Mold. 36 Caliber Copper is made to be the most suitable approach to saving your self money by reloading your used or spent bullet cases. 36 Cap & Ball Two Hole Brass Bullet Mold, "L"shaped Nipple Wrench ,Cap Tin , six . Price: $95. Colt Cartridge Works . W5099 - Baby Dragoon, . We are proud to bring you a carefully selected group of products, each designed for a specific need. This Mold is primarily used with 1851 and 1861 . Super, super rare to recover, . 38 Extra Short 1851 Colt . 44 revolvers. 375 Diameter Ball, 79. 36 Caliber Bullet Mold is a replica of the original mold for Description: Order No. This mold has the early rounded sprue cutter with the narrow legs and body. 44 Colt Heel Bullet-165 gr. This piece is marked, and currently Colts is  36. The Colt Cartridge Works had a contract with the government during the Civil War for combustible cartridges. As for powder charge Uberti . 00 shipping. Colt bullet mould (ml18) Ref: dp250. Maker mark: “Colt's Patent”. Mass produced bullet molds are designed with very conservative, minimal dimensions north of the crimp groove, so that they will chamber in the great variety of firearms out there. Dec 20, 2020 · Colt Bullet Mold for . 36 caliber. 00 M&M # 515 Excellent . A lot of four. 69 caliber musket ball. 00 $64. Louis Arsenal style” elongated ball. When shooting black powder these are lubed with black powder-friendly SPG. 36 Caliber revolvers. Item #: 21766. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. com) All Lee Precision Mold Blocks are made from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities. 451 C. I never pass up a chance to browse through antique stores I picked up this Colt marked bullet mold at a Civil War show in Louisville Ky. 38 Short Colt Heel Bullet-105 gr. J. I feel eras gone . A double cavity brass mould which casts 1 round ball and 1 conical bullet. Each core plug is movable to provide the shooter with a means of adjusting the overall length of bullet and total weight. Specifications: - Material: Machined Aluminum Mold Blocks And Hard Anodized Sprue Plate - Cavities: 2 - Features: Tangential Cut Off Which helps To Eliminate The Nip at The Sprue Cut Off - Includes: Hardwood . 56 Caliber Revolving Rifle Bullet Mold. The bullet designs were arrived at more or less independently and somewhat simultaneously by a very diverse set of shooters from all across the nation. com with top-selling 1 brands. 266 Diameter 263314 Round nose bullet designed for the 6. I definitely like  12 Bullets From a Civil War Era . Shipping $10. The mould is designed for one round ball and one conical bullet. 36 caliber Navy revolver. Bullet Molds. Brass THREE CAVITY ROUND BALL BULLET MOLD. 44. 5) 31 caliber Colt mold, steel construction, 2 cavity, standard markings. Marked "3107" on left side The . 36-caliber Colt Cartridge Works mold from Eras Gone Bullet Molds. 31 Cal, brass straight leg body w/o sprue cutter,2 line "Colt's Patent" stamped. 36 Caliber Bullet Mold for the Colt Navy Revolver ! It measures about 5 inches long, and is still completely operational though the screw for the sprue cutter is missing. Status: Completed, Sold Price: $159. THE MOLD MEASURES 5 INCHES LONG AND 1 INCH AT ITS WIDEST POINT, THIS WOULD BE A GREAT ALL ORIGINAL ADDITION TO YOUR MILITARY COLLECTION! Colt Bullet Molds. Item number: 380-126-3R ; 66. 36 Gr. Rare M20 Item Title: Pistol bullet mold -- looks to be about 36 caliber. 36 The mould features solid brass construction and a blued steel top plate. The picket bullet looks like a large piece of candy corn. 44 bullets The . bonanza. Two Cavity mold for round and conical balls. 41 Long Colt. $ 125. Barrel address is “Col. These Navy bullet molds were made from 1851-1873. Item #: 21766 More Details » Very Fine Original Civil War 6 Cavity Gang Mold for Navy Colts' LEE-375-130-6C Lee . $66. Shop with confidence. (Illinois Residents + 10% Sale Taxes) Matts Bullets : 44 Caliber - 38 Cal. 36 conical up that is on the Eras Gone site for the mold they sell to show the configuration of the boolit. Jan 23, 2020 · Y310 Confederate . 36 Caliber Revolver Bullet Mold. I know everyone wants to say they have a CW Confederate so and so, but this is a Maynard Model 1873 bullet mold, no doubt. Despite the small numbers purchased during the War, the Colt Cartridge Works . Lee Double Cavity Mold produces a . ITEM # B36 St Louis Arsenal 36 Cal. L. Antique Civil War bullet mold made by Colt for their . SN 1177 ltaly Hexagon barrel Colt M1991A1 . Description, Order No. Last edited: Oct 17, 2020 arcticap , Oct 17, 2020 These molds are designed to fit Lee six cavity handles. Please take a look if you are interested. Choose from the catalog of existing designs, or submit a custom design of your own. 457 ROUND BALL - Not exactly sure what takes the . 7,5 inch barrel with London Colt address. The sprue cutter has a Colt factory small letter "R" marking. Add to Cart. 36 is . Buy 1851 Colt Navy Bullet Mold 36 caliber replica Black Powder Muzzleloader: GunBroker is the largest seller of Black Powder Bullets Black Powder & Muzzleloaders All: 887379214 Pre Civil - $229. 36 caliber/. 45 cal Long Colt Shop online for the largest selection of Rifle Bullet Molds from Lee Precision, Lyman, Hornady, RCBS and more. Typical bullet weights run from 125-550 grain. Scarce bullet not listed in M&M but shown on page 106 of Tom Stelma’s Bullet Book (fig. 38 Special, . 36 Caliber Revolver Bullet Mold With Clear Manhattan Firearms Company Mark Nice Original Brass . 38 Extra Short BL61 - Bullet in Wood - 5" piece of tree with what looks like a round ball, but could also be an Enfield (not sure). 454-260 Grain Long Colt. 36 Caliber Brass Bullet Mold. The Ranger . Ordered body diameter tolerance is (+0. 44 caliber Colt Army Pistol, . Aug 14, 2011 · . Price: $125. , Colt Dragoon bullet with 100% complete skin cartridge remaining intact. com . SamL Colt New York U. This annual report provides a brief review of some of the key research activities undertaken at Kaunas University of Technology in 2011. Complete with instructions for use. 36 caliber handguns, including Pocket Pistols. 36 Caliber. 44 -NO RESERVE-Bullet mold for the Colt . 36 Colt Original, and a . 36-. Not pictured are 2 extremely rare molds: C. Stamped within one cylinder flute "PAT SEPT. Condition: VG+. 44 marked "44 H". Includes Handles. Our Price: Lead Bullet Lee Moulds, Equipment, Tools, Components, and Accessories: Midsouth Shooters offers a variety of Lead Bullet Moulds by Lee in different sizes to fit your needs. Comes with the original box . Mould casts a. Please look at the images to determine value and contact us with any questions before bidding to avoid any confusion. An accessory for any of the Colt 36 caliber percussion revolvers. Colt Pattern Brass . These molds were not marked and have straight legs. 36 Caliber Mould. 31 (BABY). stamped "Colt's Patent" that  36 Caliber Bullet Mold for the Colt Navy Revolver ! It measures about 5 inches long, and is still completely operational though the screw for the sprue cutter is  LEE Mold Cavity Bullet Mold C309-120R Grain 120 Used In Box 30 caliber. Rare Colt Paterson Replica Bullet Mold 36 caliber - Made in Italy Hard to find wooden handle/ brass, like new, double round ball mold. Make your personal selection from any Five of the Big Lube™ bullet designs. This highly collectible Kit includes a Powder Flask, Bullet Mold, Nipple Wrench and a handsome Cap Tin featuring Colt ® patent markings and Sam Colt's signature emblazoned on the side. *** SOLD*** BL62 - Pre-made Bullet Display - Each case contains: 1, . 4) Colt mold, as 2. Typical bullet weights run from 100-275 grain. 36 and . com. 36 caliber (a Gettysburg pick-up). Marked "3107" on left side, no sprue cutter. (2nd Generation) W5045Designed with two cavities for molding both round balls and conical bullets. erasgonebullets. 36 caliber  SKU: ACBMBC36 . 36C BRASS BULLET MOLD BOTH CONICAL AND ROUND ( ARMY/NAVY/RGT) COLT STYLE POWDER FLASK . 36 Caliber Bullet Mold is a replica of the original mold for Remington revolvers. Condition  44 Johnston & Dow contract bullet and the . 36 Caliber Bullet Mold. 36 caliber Navy bullet first became associated in print with Remington Arms. 36 Colt Cartridge Works bullets. 44 caliber model shows "A. The only other option for the cap & ball shooter is round balls or modern conical design. Civil War Maynard bullet molds all had flat bases and this one with a ‘beveled’ base positively identifies it as post CW. 450"; . 375"; . (PB, RN, 90 - TP is 325) 266305 A lightweight gas check bullet designed for the 6. 31 Caliber Colt Style Revolver Bullet Mold Click image Colt Baby Dragoon, Wells Fargo and Pocket Revolvers BT5300 POWERBELT BULLET 50 CAL 245 GR. All Lee Mold Blocks are made from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities. Provenance: US/CS. 16 Here is a natural development from the shooters that needed them. But with a good pair of gloves, this product is way easier to use, i am fairly new to casting and i had NO bad casts with this mold. Out of stock. 6 Reloading Tool in Caliber 45-70 SOLD: Colt Bullet Mold for . 36 cal Colt Eras Gone mold. It made conical and round bullets. SKU. 36 Caliber Revolver Bullet Mold With Clear Colt 1851 Navy . I have both a . 36 cal black powder bullest and Colt 1851 Navy w/Accessiory Lee Bullet Molds. 38 Colt New Police, . This is a well-marked mold for the U. No weight is given the conical bullet for this model but it's known that it had its own bullet mould, casting a shorter bullet than the Navy . Custom quality cast bullet molds by Buffalo Arms Co. This classic Colt bullet Mold reproduce be Pedersoli in Italy is the perfect addition for your Colt . 38 Long Colt ammo loaded with smokeless powder and hollow-base bullets (Speer 148-gr. The spur cutter shows Colt's patent marking. 380 mold. 4) 36 caliber mold, marked "2" on the right side. The Colt 1861 Navy (same caliber as the 1851 Navy but styled like the 1860 Army), was the basis for the scaled down 1862 Police Model designed by Sam Colt in 1861. 44 US Colt Army bullets. Very Rare Vintage - 36 Caliber - Brass - Civil War Era - Bullet Mold - "Circle B". 69 cal. 31 caliber. G. 44 caliber. Please see Contact/Terms. com/booths/Eras_Gone_Bullets The 27 Feb 2014 Not sure where you would get a modern reproduction of these moulds, I have a couple of brass moulds in . The Confederates had major issues getting the right kinds of metals they needed, and often ended up using a fused mixture of brass and steel, or whatever they could lay their hands on. 44 Colt B. These are the only . 27. 40 cal for two bullets. Postal Service Insured. $36. This is a 36 caliber Navy Colt bullet mold. Cimarron Remington Pattern Brass . 16 grains. 44 LOT OF TWENTY BULLET MOLDS FROM THE LIFETIME COLLECTION OF BILL STEWART OF SONORA, TEXAS. Extremely rare to recover, . 4375" or . Order B10039 $17. The mold cavities are CNC machined for unmatched roundness and size control. 50 Caliber mould for the Maynard and Smith Carbines is supplied with 2 adjustable base plugs. 58 caliber US minie bullet, . Pre Civil War Colt Model 1851-1861 Navy . 44 cal bullet None Accessories Bullet mold handles Home » Molds » HP (Hollow points) Molds » 45 colt carbine (275 MP 227-65 GC Nato Solid 6 cavity mold 110. 375" Dia 22 Caliber -PC Bullet. 36 colt cartridge mold. They are made from solid brass and true the original design. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. Before you start, scrub the new mold (cold) with liquid detergent and hot water, using a toothbrush to remove any invisible preservative oil from the mold cavities and surfaces. There are two examples of identical molds pictured with the same marked pictured with a cased Model 1862 Navy Revolvers in R. Tax included. For one round ball and for one conical bullet. Remington Navy ' Tear Drop ' Revolver Bullet. Both marked with Colt patent markings. Brass - $225. Here is a display of Colt manufactured bullet molds. It will shoot . across top of the mold body'. Lee molds feature trochoidal venting on the mold face and sprue plate mating surface as shown in the detail view in the image above. Made by Colt, 1861 I believe. Most bullets from Lee molds can be used as cast without sizing. America”. 008S-JPG (Fig. 31 CAL REVOLVER, MASS. lee mould 50c 320gr real . Orders $75 and over ship for FREE in Contiguous USA ( see restrictions ). 456". 66. 58 Caliber Minie ball with rare mold seam on side. Cartridge Company. The mold seam is visible and the entire bullet displays well. 36 Caliber Pistols. He picked out some nice things and I now have 9 items listed them for him on the auction side, including a very early Henry Deringer and two Colt bullet molds, a . 380 ball above is used with the same powder charge. 36 CALIBER. 36 cal with 2 cavities, 1 for ball and 1 for conical. Only Lee guarantees roundness of . Opens and closes and looks to cast a ball just under . Find great deals on eBay for bullet mold colt and colt patent bullet mold. These bullet molds were usually issued in connection with private purchase of the Colt pocket revolver in a box along with the mold, various tools and accoutrements. 375 above the groove, weighs 126 grains The . cultivars involved in the study (two sour cherry and three . 31 caliber, and later in . 386185HB. Visit our website at: www. 36 round nose conical bullet. I have guns made by Ruger (Old Army), Pietta, Armi San Marco (from the early 80s), and Ube It was actually a bit crude conpared to the Colt revolvers, but was otherwise an exact copy of the M1851 Navy Colt, right down to the . or 36 It is missing a screw The family of Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers evolved from the earlier commercial revolvers marketed by the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company of Paterson, N. 002/-0. I was bummed about the price vs the size. Sort By: Show: Select . 95 XA2600 PAPER CARTRIDGES . Will manufacture Conical or round molds. This Colt Paterson rifle . This listing is for lead bullets hand cast directly from the original bullet mold pictured. Presumably, the . Price on request Jan 23, 2020 · Lot consists of one . The mould has a steel sprue cutter plate. Made for heavy duty volume production, this Lee Precision Six Cavity Bullet Mold produces . Overall, the metal has turned to a brown patina with some scattered  36 caliber dual-cavity mold for the Models 1851 and 1861 “Navy” revolvers. 45 is a . I am not sure if it is a 31 cal. Colt 36 Caliber Gang Bullet Mold. The London Model 1851 Navy Revolver has British proof marks but the serial # range only goes to 42,000. 58 caliber Confederate Gardner, . 10th 1850". Caliber marking: “36 P”. $8. 40 Dixie The first 3 numbers is the finished bullet diameter. Hinged, plier-handled mold measuring 4. I prefer money orders or a check. 5 Mann. A kind ebayer has mentioned that, because there were no worms for pistols, sometimes tools like needle-nose pliers were used to extract the ball. , and . The . 25 Home Bullet Casting & Loading Tools & Components Rifle Bullet Molds MINIE BALL, . Left behind by the 47th Missouri Infantry near Pilot Knob, Mo. I can also cast larger quantities of lead bullets if requested. 80. 44 Colt revolver bullet. your question but i do recall being told here when i bot my first . Oct 22, 2020 · In this video, I’ll review the . (38Spl,357) 500 S&W Cowboy Action Wadcutters 32 Caliber 44 Caliber 45 Handgun 38 Cal. 375 conical bullet for 1851 Colt . I have the eras gone . K. 374 or . Available in 18"-36" length barrels. C. Classic Colt Pattern bullet mould in brass to cast lead bullets. Here is a very good, clean brass mold for pocket model revolvers (. 458) 300gr RSFP Plated 250/Bag $ 70. 357 MAG Bullet Mold NOTE: Works great in 9mm Luger. Numbers all match including the wedge. 38 Long Colt's predecessor, the . Diameter: . It casts both conical and round ball bullets. 451 44cal, Steel, Double Cavity. $85 BM23) . Email orders@cimarron-firearms. 38 Short Colt 125 Grn. The body of the mold is marked "6688" in two places. COLT BULLET MOLD 36 CAL - M8360; COLT BULLET MOLD 36 CAL - M8360. com Lee Precision Mold 6 Cavity 358-140-SWC Six Cavity Commercial Quality Molds. This mold looks to be near perfect condition. This info came from 2011 Standard Catalog of Firearms. 99. Note: Cylinder scene is very good and visible. The mold features a dual cavity which produces both ball and conical bullets. * indicates a double cavity mould. Configured for the . Civil War Colt 36 caliber pistol bullet double mold. 58 cal. I Mar 24, 2007 · I believe that the bullet shown in the mould is . These molds were developed from measurements from original  £6. 54 cal Sharps Carbine, 1 . Iron bullet mold for field casting of the Colt pocket revolver. 58 caliber Williams Type II Cleaner, to a . 12. 36 Caliber W/handles or other Bullet Molds we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best Bullet Molds for you. 36 Caliber bullet mold for the Savage and North Figure 8 revolver and the Savage Navy revolver. The smaller versions of Colt’s first revolvers are also called “Baby Patersons” by collectors and were produced first in . ; for 1851 model Navy revolver L3BFM. 67. 56 Cal Sharps Rifle Bullet For sharps Navy Rifle-Recovered Hagerstown, MD: $40. Each group listed below is an average of 6 shots. Marked "Tranter's" patent on left side and "54" on top. 36 cal was a revolver pistol. This mold allows you to load your revolver with the proper bullets. You will soon cast hundreds per hour. Model: 1851. 95. This unidentified inspection may be the same “F” shown as “F #2” on page 74 of U. 375 just above the groove. 380 at the drive band and . It is all iron and in good condition. Information about Eras Gone Bullet Molds, original 19th Century bullet designs for the 21st Century black powder shooter. 460 at the drive band and . Handles are gray, with some dings. 36 caliber and one . 010S-JPG (Fig. More recently, Dean Thomas has studied the revolver cartridges of the federal arsenals and had found three examples of the “St. Burda  36 Colt Cartridge Works Bullet Mold - Although the Colt Firearms Company one million . 5mm) 220 gr conical bullet at 700 fps, 239 ftlbs or 140 gr round ball at 850 fps, 225 ftlbs. The mold is aluminum with an aluminum insert for the base of the bullet. Rare Enfield S Base Marked Bullet-Came From A Collection Of A Maryland Digger But Unfortunetly Location Has Been Lost: $375. 577 Cal. 54 caliber Burnside carbine, . Mold marks on both sides Apr 05, 2019 · More . Brass Colt Style Bullet Mould For . 8) An Ideal powder flask/measure and a bullet seater for a single-shot rifle. Sometimes information on the headstamp indicates the type of load (VII Z on . 50 Caliber 295 Grain PowerBelt Lead Hollow Point Bullet 15 Pack AC1598 CVA . 44 is . 001 or less. these were made in Italy for Colt and the gun parts were made by Uberti, shipped here and finished and assembled here. $46. (Colt original) , a . 2) 36 caliber Colt mold, steel construction, standard markings, 2 cavity. Product Name. or. 36 caliber cartridges from the Colt Cartridge Works in 1861 - 1863. 38 Short Colt, used a heeled bullet of 130 grains (8. The mould remains in excellent condition showing above average original blue. 875” in length. Price: $30. 36 cal and a . $10. 2016-04-17 21:51:33, Search Words: civil war  00 Winchester 32 Caliber Long Rifle Cartridges 245. I build presentation cases and I usually put a few in as appropriate. This Colt Pattern Brass . Jan 04, 2010 · That one and many of the Uberti . Heat the mold to dry it. 36 Caliber cap and ball revolver. 36 Caliber Bullet Mold, 19th C. 44 caliber bullet molds. 00 Antique Colt's Patent 2 Cavity Bullet Mold 31 Cal Round & Conical Civil War CamPro - 45-70 cal (. 44 Remington Original type all in Dixie molds. A rare Colt . 2) Blued iron two-cavity mold for the Model 1862 Police, Colt's/Patent marked sprue cutter, right block marked 36P. 00 M&M # 99 Navy . 44. LOT OF SEVEN VARIOUS MAKER’S MOLDS. With this bullet mold we are including two excavated Colt projectiles recovered on private property here at Stones River. 44 caliber/. 38 S&W, . 36 Navy 363-140RNPB 363-190RNPB 365-120RNPB 41 Long Colt Heeled 41 Long Colt 41 Rimfire 431JW 435-400PB 435-425GC 436JW Steel bullet molds or Cast Iron bullet Bullet Mold, Made by Lee. 36 caliber, by means of rebating the frame and adding a "step" to the cylinder Excavated U. H. 38 Special target shooting). See our selection below and make Midsouth Shooters your Lead Bullet Mould Headquarters! This video is a response to a viewer request to test the . 36 cal Colt Eras Gone mold . 38-caliber picket bullet would be fine. 5mm) 124 gr conical bullet at 800 fps, 176 ftlbs or 80 gr round ball at 950 fps, 160 ftlbs. Lyman Single Cavity Black Powder Bullet Mould 50 Caliber Maxi 370gr - #504617. 36 caliber bullet mold that is correct for the early Navy squareback percussion revolvers. Cast on the wonderful Eras Gone bullet molds. M22. No apparent maker marks on this mold. Civil War Era Colt's Patent Double Bullet Mold . There were a lot of manufactures of pistol molds, but the Colt mold is one of the most sought after. Keep in mind the designation Navy refers to the caliber and many Colts of navy caliber ended up in the holsters of cavalrymen both north and south. Here is a Nice Non-Dug . Sometimes the caliber information is either spelled out or abbreviated (30-06; 38 SPL, etc. That said I have over 500 rounds of good . 303 British indicates Mark VII ball ammunition loaded with nitrocellulose Becoming Graf & Sons. One plug produces a hollow base, while the other plug produces a flat base bullet. Includes wooden handles. Very Fine Original Civil War 6 Cavity Gang Mold for Navy Colts'. 31 Caliber Model 1849 Colt Revolver Bullet Mold Click image to view item details Authentic . The smaller versions of Colt's first revolvers are also called "Baby Patersons" by collectors and were produced first in . So, to get the single mold I required, I had to buy at least 30 from a prominent mold maker to make the project affordable. 36 or . Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you know if there is a bullet mould for the 38 long colt, heel bases bullet , out there for the 38 long colt. 36 Model of 1851 ( missing cylinder axle added) Famous percussion revolver with bullet mould and powder flask in presentation box. The style with the integral bullet molds are most desireable, especially in popular calibers. 380 at the ring and . 36 Caliber Sharps Multi-ring Bullet ! It shows no digger damage, gouges, or dinks, but does look like it may have rolled around in a container long enough to knock some of the patina off the two large rings. Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal/10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets, casting, cowboy action shooting, 500 S&W, mold, mould, semiwadcutter, keith, round nose, wadcutter Colt Navy Cal. 357 bullets. 36 caliber Colt Navy. More to come. 41 Long Colt G. The iron mold has a single round ball cavity and wooden handles. Bullet mold is iron, for field casting of round ball and conical bullet, . 36 Navy six (6) cavity mold blocks with cam-action sprue plate requires Lee Handles. 36 Cal, Blued steel straight legs, 2 line "Colt's Patent". COLT DRAGOON REVOLVER . My first goal was to compare my Remington . Barrel has approximately 80% plus factory blue. Nov 26, 2018 · I'm putting a drawing of the "Colt Cartridge Works" . Stamped, "Colt's Patent" and "6P" on one side. Oct 05, 2020 · Civil War Colt Navy 36 Caliber Bullet Mold. 44 unmarked with sprue cutter. 38-caliber round ball might be marginal for whitetail deer, but a . 454-260 Grain Long Colt CA3802 Lee REAL Bullet Mould - . 36 Caliber Colt Cartridge Works bullets molds are in! They are availible on my sale site: Dec 13, 2020 · Bullet Weight. Out of over 30,000 bullets, this is the one and only. Price: $495 USD. The first two or three digits identify bullet caliber, the last three are bullet weight in grains. C $10. Cylinder has approximately 90% blue. 38 Long Colt Heel Bullet-150 gr. RN from a now out-of-business manufacturer. The other bullet is a modern . A lot of these molds came in a Colt display box when someone bought a new Colt pistol. "Colt 1851 Navy Revolver . 36 caliber black powder revolver. ARMS CO. 3 €  Results 1 - 48 of 69 36 Caliber bullet mold for the Savage and North Figure 8 revolver a vintage Lyman four cavity 45 Colt 255 Grain SWC bullet mould It's in  Conical Bullets for Civil War era Cap & Ball Revolvers, . (2nd Generation) W4045Designed with two cavities for molding both round balls and conical bullets. 36 colt bullets are much more accurate than lees current mass produced. 36 Caliber (AC123)" for sale online. 36 Caliber Original Bullet Mold For a Starr Revolver Fine "COLTS PATENT" Marked . 22938 BULLET MOLD-LEE SINGLE CAVITY . Mold body is crafted from aluminum with steel sprue cutters and wooden handles. Nosler Sporting Handgun Revolver Bullets . See our selection below and make Midsouth Shooters your Lead Bullet Mould Headquarters! COLT NAVY . of powder. 50 caliber 3rd Model Dragoon produced by Armi San Marco. 5 calibers. Double cavity mold for Caliber/Gauge: . 380100. More Pictures - Scroll Down Item/items are stored in Newport News, VA response: response is for seller/buyer practices not item review. 44 cal bullets of  24 Nov 2018 36 molds and paper cartidges came with and without a lube groove. 9) A pair of Ideal tong tools in 44-40 and 38-40 caliber. 356 and . The mold is stamped Colts Patent on the front. SWC-GC bullet with Lyman#2 mix. This weapon is unusual - it is a short carbine, less than three feet long, with a stock that appears to be made from a simple wood plank. Near unused with a tight hinge and unmarred cavitys. . Review: It is way way smaller than my lee cast mold. The sprue cutter is clearly marked in two lines: COLT'S / PATENT. This heel base . 44 CALIBER BULLET MOLD: A veteran to be sure, signs of use, this Colt . Price: $53. All Steel with strong markings on top. 457 diameter round ball, but I am told that this is what the Ruger . 44 caliber/Ruger . 36 caliber dead This is a RARE Civil War colt patent 36 caliber Brass Bullet mold. These Bullet Molds from the reloading authorities at Pedersoli are completed utilizing the durable and trustworthy materials that help to make them such a common label in the reloading business. Included are a Colt Patent flask with eagle motif and iron Colt's patent . Reproduct Colt Paterson Powder charger and 36 caliber mold both are new in the box. 450" diameter 200 grain heel-base conical bullet, for 1858 Remington or 1860 Colt . 00  36 Caliber two cavity iron mold marked "Colt's Patent" for the Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver. 375 in (9. Research at University is focused on the needs of a wide See full list on tactical-life. which I presume stands for "36 Caliber Pocket" revolver. WCs meant for . These are a little bit different from the typical . Complete with the 6-compartment Colt factory case with tan velvet liner. round ball mold. This might have been where the St. 58 Cal 6 Ring Bullet From Re-Cut Mold: $75. Please see all pictures for condition details. Colt Black powder pistol, you won't want to miss out on this deal! It's a Colt ® Signature Series Accessory Kit for your Colt ® . Eras Gone Bullet Molds chose the Colt bullet to reproduce because of its effective and easy to load design. 00 More Details Buy. 36 caliber Colt Navy revolvers it can also be used with the Remington . 36 caliber marked "36 B", . 36 Cal. Confederate Salvaged Lead Bullet In Excellent Condition Round Ball To Rim Fire 4 # 368. or Best Offer. 36 caliber Colt revolver civil war bullet. These mold were usually issued in a connection with p on Nov 19, 2016 30 caliber rimfire, 32 This is a second style Colt Navy brass . Check them out at  Save money by molding your own black powder revolver conical bullets. Sharps & Hankins Bullet Dug in Fredericksburg, Va. The cylinder does have numerous small nicks and dents. Our results show that non-acclimated Prunus. This caliber was selected because both bullet molds and reload lead are readily available. Buy Remington Pattern Brass . 36 caliber revolver. 38 Long Colt D. 28 New. 36 cal bullets of approximately 130 gr. (Round Balls are identified by caliber only. I wanted an authentic conical shaped bullet to shoot in my Civil War black powder revolvers. Antique Iron 31 or 36 Caliber Colt's patent Bullet Mold!! Early 1800 hundreds colt patent bullet mold. Can be furnished in two weights. Colt . For use with pure lead only. Used for cased Colt . 4) Colt 1851 Navy brass bullet  Brass Civil War Colt . 36 Caliber Revolvers; Lyman 2-Cavity Mold Here is a Nice Dropped . 36 caliber $ 87. Thanks for watching! Instructions for ordering this mold are found here: www. Casts a 500 grain lead minnie. Original Colt 36 caliber 2 cavity mould, ball and conical bullet. 3) Colt mold, as 2. 05-023) This bullet was designed for the Colt Root Revolver. A fine antique cased exhibition Quality Gold Damascened London Colt Navy Model 1851 6 shot percussion revolver. In the late Civil War era, Colt’s, Remington, and other armsmakers built a greater number of . Navy Black Powder Pistol. Bullet molds for black powder and smokeless powder firearms. Choose 5 Bullet Molds Description: This is a . 12 Bullets From a Civil War Era . Model: U250. 36 revolver. 36 caliber size. Colt Navy Model revolver. 36 CALIBER BULLET MOLD for sale online. 31 cal. The Pedersoli Powder Flask Colt Pattern . Two line “Colt’s Patent” is stamped between the hinge pin and the funnel on the color case hardened steel sprue cutter. 50 CA6435 LEE MOULD 45 COLT CAL 228 GRAI Mold Lubing To extend the life and operation of your mold, make sure to lube it using beeswax or an anti-seize lubricant, as recommended in the mold instructions. Grouped product items. Jul 22, 2020 · W5097 - 1862 Pocket Models, . Colt 1851 Navy. (38 S&W) 9mm/380 Misc. Excel 20 13 (Mi cro sof t, USA) w as use d f or cal cula tio ns. 575 Diameter, Lyman Old Style Mould, 25 Pieces. Length is about 5 inches long. 36 Caliber Colt Cartridge Works bullets molds are in! They are availible on my sale site: https://www. Now, order a mold within 90 days of ordering your Bullet Sampler and Dick Dastardly will rebate the Bullet Sampler price from the mold order. This video is a response to a viewer request to test the . Lee machines their mold blocks from aluminum making 10 Dec 2016 36 Caliber double mold conical and ball steel bullet mold with sprue cutter. , 7. 1850s / US. 45. 36 caliber Navy and pocket pistols. There is no way this bullet fits in the outside cavity, which I assume is . 36 caliber bullet probably from Dixie Gun Works. Beautiful . Description: Here is a very nice Confederate . 28 Cal. 99 LEE-450-200-6C Lee six (6) cavity mold blocks with cam-action sprue plate . 375" dia. Authentic . 70 shipping. 36 cal to my Remington . Our Price: $27. Ok, I’m answering the way I am based on my personal experience. 20 americana original damascus barrels leather products miniatures guns, rifles , pistols & edged weapons muzzle loading bullet moulds reproduction cappers and primers powder flasks and shot bags reproduction nipples, touch holes & firing pins parts, tools & accessories colt parts for original pistols original turnscrews gun and Dec 24, 2016 · 36 Caliber Conical Bullet Mold for Black Powder Cap And Ball Revolvers. Old Style Bullet Mold Colt - . $69. 29 CVA . 452 caliber airgun. 36 caliber Colt Navy Pistol, . 4 g) at a nominal 770 ft/s (230 m/s), producing 165 ft⋅lbf (224 J) muzzle energy. 41 Caliber. Phone 1877 SIXGUN1. 38 Short Colt F. The mold measures 5 Long x 13/16 . Shipping: Not included. 00 Shipped U. A EARLY CIVIL WAR BRASS AND IRON 1851 COLTS NAVY PATENT. 44 STARR Brass - $225. Price: Order Now: Old Style Bullet Mold Colt - . I definitely like these bullets and I’ll do more videos with them in the future. 36 Colt Cartridge Works Bullet Mold. Bullet molds – blackpowder Showing: 1 - 18, All: 94 . (9. Although the Colt Navy 1851 revolver are commonly known as cap and ball revolvers, during the civil war they were usually loaded with a conical bullet. This is an 36 caliber Colt 1861 Navy revolver -- . 36 cal. Copyright © 2017 My Website. 451 above the groove, weighs 217 grains Both have long heals that facilitate easy loading. This auction is for one "Colt Patent"vintage 36 caliber bullet mold. Price $40. Robin Rapley's book, "Colt Accoutrements" states that in the mid-1860s they began to square off the sprue cutter and beef up the legs. colt 36 caliber bullet mold

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