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11ty starter blog Assets are managed via Webpack with Babel, PostCSS and multiple PostCSS plugins. I've got a plugin called 11ty blog tools that has a couple that I wrote specific Nunjucks around to give some syntactic sugar that was only available using Nunjucks. From that installation, we can run eleventy or eleventy --serve in our project to get up and running. However, I've been itching to try something new with my blog for a while. For the simplicity, we will be using the starter template of 11ty called Eleventy Base Blog linked below: Getting Started with 🍦. Eleventy Starter Boilerplate 🚀 Eleventy Starter Boilerplate is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog. Algoliaに登録したい記事データをJSONファイルとして出力する。11tyのCustom CollectionとPermalinkの機能を利用する。 Oct 24, 2019 · Press J to jump to the feed. The great thing about Eleventy is that it is zero-config by default but can also be run with configurations options which makes it flexible and extremely easy to use at the same time. From your root folder, run 11ty with the following command. I forked the 11ty base blog project and used the folder structure from Eleventastic. With RSS feed and service worker out of the box! Eleventy Filter Coffee Starter: yesh Much like Sanity, 11ty is a highly customizable framework for building modern Jamstack websites. We’ll need an Eleventy site. Oct 01, 2020 · The blog post Turning Jekyll up to Eleventy by Paul Lloyd was a great help in describing what would need to be done to get the site working under Eleventy. Nov 20, 2020 · This is a run-through of setting up a website with Eleventy, a simple static site generator. This works by combining CSS counter increment with CSS ‐‐‐ title: 11ty starter site description: This is a demonstration website generated using the 11ty static site generator. Static is the New Dynamic! Step 4: Start the Server. 11ty uses an object returned from this All the topics, resources, and tools you need for financial security now. APPLE WATCH SERIES 6 ADVANCE & COMPREHENSIVE USER GUIDE FOR AMATEURS AND SENIORS: The Simple Beginner Manual to Learning, and Mastering the Watch 6 Device Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts and Reviews. It has been a solid platform, and I highly recommend it. Very concise, very approachable, very plain language. reactions Start by creating a new folder in your root called posts we will then add 5 Markdown files. Sep 18, 2020 · Even if you don’t click through and read those, we’ll start from the beginning and create a new project from scratch. It shows pages, blog posts, lists, and tags. First and foremost, I want to credit the 11ty community, especially those listed in the starter projects! Specifically, the following starter projects helped me understand the power and flexibility of 11ty and from their examples I was able to extend the functionality to build this system: 🔥 eleventy-base-blog by Zach Leatherman A blog-ready 11ty starter based on PostCSS and Parcel, with a RSS feed and Native Elements. I made a gallery site meant to showcase graphic artwork. The point is every new blogpost will change those 3 images and then below that section i will have all other blog post without the 3 recent ones. dev/Find the title: Customizing 11ty Blog description: Cleaning up after forking date: 2019-08-13 tags:-post-11ty -travisci -meta layout: layouts/post. Supermaya is an Eleventy starter kit designed to help you add rich features to a blog or website without the need for a complicated build process. You'll also learn how to add Sass as the styling solution, complete with triggering 11ty to re-compile when the Sass changes. For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll use a template. Eleventy (11ty) is a static site generator that makes it possible to mix templating languages. You will find just some basic tools to start your project, no frameworks, no extra css and html, nothing to clean. Paul Lloyd assembles a heavenly host of cherubs to sing the virtues of the Eleventy static site generator. Essentially, it will bundle and compile our js and scss by default. js/Express for the backend and React or Vue for the frontend. Oct 13, 2019 · Yesterday, I converted my site to 11ty. then 11ty is the ideal tool. Posted by Mike on 1st November 2019 (about a 4 minute read). npm install-g @11ty/eleventy. Explore advanced setup of custom data through my tutorial on building a community site Search Dustin Davis blog posts. I know that this is a bold statement and you can prove me wrong. Use the Tools To Your Advantage 05 Aug 2020 meta Apr 16, 2019 · At archive blog (all blog post), i want to create a 3 dinamic images from the 3 most recent blog post with the title in middle of the image. Live Use your sourdough starter discard in sourdough pancakes, waffles, and banana bread. After almost 10 years of this blog being powered by WordPress, it is now a statically generated site built using Eleventy. Nov 22, 2019 · He also created an Eleventy starter, eleventy-webmentions, which is a basic starter template with webmentions support. No bullsh*t, transparent stories on building our dev-first e-commerce SaaS. JAMStack Themes A list of starter themes filterable by supported static site generator and CMS. If we run that again we see that we now get our Markdown content with our post template layout. Eleventy is a simple static site generator based on JavaScript. Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes. png │ index. Run the following commands to start setting up your Eleventy Base site. Jan 17, 2020 · Looking through 11ty starter projects was a great place to start. There are really two parts to my problem. Now let's start the Eleventy dev server: $ npx @11ty/eleventy --serve (You can learn more about command-line usage here. In this guide, we’ll set up the 11ty (Eleventy) Blog Template from sanity. Learn about what Node. I have a little bit of a problem. dev), the first thing you see is the quick start Now, for the moment of truth, running 11ty on a local server, and seeing our output. js application to use TypeScript. Includes Netlify Virga — A minimum Eleventy starter kit Virga is a minimum Eleventy starter kit for those who love to customize for your own needs. New City, New Job, New Content July 7, 2020. Demo on GitHub Start by creating sitemap. It will include a Blog section and different landing pages. I currently work as a full-stack developer for Nemlig. The most work went into cleaning up the markdown files. 11ty. Review the "Quick Start" on the home page for how to get this starter up and running for your project. I am most familiar with Node. js © — Parth Shiralkar Apr 28, 2020 · 11ty Lighthouse 5. Even with a very basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS, one can create amazing websites using 11ty. Because this post is all about 11ty, here's a list of all my 11ty posts that I've written about so far. Here, we want a transform that will: Find emojis in the HTML, Find the associated English name for these emojis, Wrap them in a span with the proper attributes. js file. Starting a blog may feel daunting, but after reading this post, we should have a few different approaches to starting and maintaining a blogging presence. git frontend in your project folder, to clone the repo. This leads to several key benefits: Aug 13, 2020 · 11ty Starter with Multi-language support, SEO-friendly, GitHub/GitLab … Blog How to show your template code in 11ty blog posts July 31, 2020. Of the two, I really liked 11ty, but I wanted to really dig in and have a bit more control over some stuff. Eleventy Starter Let’s start by with a new a folder, then cd to it in the command line, and initialize it with a package. Oct 05, 2019 · Install development dependencies by running npm i @11ty/eleventy npm-run-all -D. Doing away with the and bringing in the new. I created a Repository from my Eleventy setup which powers my personal Website. Even after working for many years with ABAP this blog gave me an opportunity to revisit some of the things and refresh my basic knowledge in ABAP. The whole build process is managed through 11ty. Jul 31, 2020 · If you write a technical blog and use 11ty as your static site generator of choice you might run into a conundrum: How do you show Liquid or Nunjucks template code in your code blocks. js apps, you can ben­e­fit from run­ning Node. js to transform templates into html files and it takes an advantage of huge JavaScript ecosystem. and George Floyd was murdered by police and my blog didn't feel so important anymore. njk ‐‐‐ This instructs Eleventy to use the page For simplicity, we will be using the starter template of 11ty called Eleventy Base Blog linked below: 11ty/eleventy-base-blog A starter repository showing how to build a blog with the Eleventy Supermaya is an Eleventy starter kit designed to help you add rich features to a blog or website without the need for a complicated build process. We already released the React Starter, Gatsby Starter, Vue Starter and the Next Starter, and we keep moving with the Nuxt Starter In-depth, actionable tutorials for today's web developers. md : May 17, 2020 · If you don’t know where to get started to create an 11ty website, you can check out the 11ty quickstart here. I'd like to share my new starting point for kickstarting an 11ty static site with Sass. json file: npm init -y. At urna condimentum mattis pellentesque. It comes with the same level of simplicity. Blog; Bio ‬ Archive. In short, all I have to do is enter gulp build at the command line and I’m off to the races. css. 📦 Basic building with Parcel bundler. njk ‐‐‐ Cela demande à Eleventy d’utiliser le page. That’s where my attention is headed next. It was also the twins' birthday, so we decided to take them to the zoo and shopping for presents. Eleventy requires zero configuration and works inside of your project's existing directory structure. I have a working Hugo site and it would be best to stick with it for now and start thinking more about things I can blog about instead of just the site itself. 1 min ago Enforcing performance budgets with webpack; 5 hours ago 19 Cool Website Design Template Ideas You Should Check; 5 hours ago YAES – Starter kit for your next eleventy(11ty) project using postcss, es6, snowpack, webpack. The example below is based on the official eleventy-base-blog starter. Sign up today! Dec 29, 2020 · I had considered Gatsby, or 11ty. You can find a demo on CreativeDesignsGuru $ $ $ 4. 11ty isn't a very opinionated framework, so it's nice to pick your own favorite way of organizing it and learning about its magic Let’s start by with a new a folder, then cd to it in the command line, and initialize it with a package. What is included. Starter webpack Setup for Web Applications 21 Dec 2019. Apr 20, 2020 · Ever wondered what powers this beautiful blog? It's a static site generator (SSG) called Eleventy, which is super simple to get started with. A Fresh Start. Eleventy, or 11ty for those of you in a hurry, is a static site generator that was designed to be the JavaScript alternative to Jekyll. At the end of the blog post, you will have a REST API created using TypeScript and Express in Node. In July, I've moved to a new state and started We will use Eleventy (11ty) as a Static Site Generator (SSG) to generate static HTML pages at build-time based on template files defined using Nunjucks. Jan 05, 2021 · Yard work at the click of a button. Nov 04, 2020 · These folders will become the localization subdirectories, segmenting content to a localization. addFilter ( 'hasTag' , function ( arr , str ) { Nov 18, 2020 · 11ty. The Cost of JavaScript, Addy Osmani ↩︎ I recommend making your own dummy data like I just did and practicing using all of 11ty's many templating, layout, component-include, etc. This got me thinking - how cool would it be to have a tool or program that could help other developers up on GitHub? Most of my stuff now is just websites - not full applications. Change the front matter in src/index. The resulting pages need not have 11ty starter site This is a demonstration website using the 11ty static site generator. Google Storage belongs to the Google Cloud Platform, offers the storage of data in so-called buckets and is free of charge for the first 12 months. This is an important distinction, because it means On top of 11ty, I use multiple 11ty and markdown-it plugins. 11. Built with 11ty and hosted on Netlify. dev. 2 days ago · Biz Books Blog: ‘The Big Leap’ like a starter guide to freelancing For unemployed readers, new grads, or anyone sick of waiting for life to normalize, this book is golden. By looking at how it compares to the familiar Ruby-based Jekyll (which we have espoused the virtues of here before), he may have you humming its tune for this season’s holiday projects. If you open the 11ty website (11ty. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Apr 02, 2020 · I am a big fan of static site generators (SSGs), as many have noticed from reading this blog and following me on Twitter. Clone this project and use it to create your own Eleventy blog. Colophon# Hi, I'm Stephanie Eckles - @5t3ph on Twitter, Github, CodePen, and DEV. You can see some of my photos on my photography blog, I’m From Worcester. 029s 🎉 OK! We're off to the races, with about 600 packages in tow, NBD 👀. json file so that I only have to remember a simple command like npm run dev. json. I do photography. That content is cached in the node_modules folder. I’m going to try to list out all the relevant steps so you can follow along if you are attempting a similar project. Yes I've tried some others like jekyll, but somehow 11ty was so much easier for me (opinion yes 🤫) JavaScript1000 said: eleventy-high-performance-blog — A high performance blog template for the 11ty static site generator. Next. js in Docker. 11ty also lets you customise your frontmatter format. May 27, 2020 · Setting up the blog structure. 11ty: https://www. Love the Eleventy From Scratch course by Piccalilli already. $ npm install @11ty/eleventy --save-dev. Still undecided on whether I’ll have blog commenting enabled or not (I’d like to!) though. html live so I can feel confident my site is live. Filtered collections. Apr 09, 2020 · Want to group posts in 11ty like a blog? Just add tags! To group content in 11ty, add a tag — 11ty will make it available in other pages! Create a folder called blog and include a blog tag in the frontmatter of each post:--- layout: layout. Instead, I decided to store the thumbnails in the Google Storage . If you want to clear all that out The 11ty Blog Starter’s Studio already supports an editor adding a promotional image. 💅 PostCSS with PostCSS Preset Env and cssnano to enhance and clean your css. js Eleventy starter site ready for your cloning/forking pleasure; but he also gave me far more help than I deserve last weekend—a holiday weekend—as I tried to incorporate some of that new repo’s code in a branch of this site. Probably you are trying to figure out why the heck your website is not displaying instead a dirty table is visible showing “Index/of“. The static site generator (SSG) is a key ingredient in developing a JAMstack web app, but there are literally hundreds to choose from. Eleventy is high on that list so I’m likely to post a few things around that. Written by Jose Felix who works building clean user interfaces with React. July 7, 2020. My forth post. At the time, there was a brewing hype about this JavaScript-powered static site generator, but it was still relatively unknown. I recently built a sample Eleventy starter site that uses Agility CMS and aims to be a foundation for building fully static sites using 11ty and Agility CMS. About me. May 14, 2020 · Building a personal blog is not a big life decision anyway. Long story short, this blog is im­ple­mented us­ing Eleventy, specif­i­cally by us­ing eleventy-starter as a start­ing point. I noticed that the previous Sass setup wasn't triggering hot reload on edits. njk ‐‐‐ This instructs Eleventy to use the page. This is a monorepo with a pre-configured Sanity Studio (/studio) and a very basic setup of Eleventy (/web). web dev, strategic business analyst, adjective connoiseur, wizard Current: Ames, IA. npx eleventy --serve If you want, you can add this command to your package. Uncle Bob - Lesson One 18 Aug 2020 career codequality cleancode development uncle bob. Starter code for your 11ty blog Boilerplate. Start writing for your blog in seconds and don't lose your time configuring it. June 6, 2020. This is the project you get when you run `gridsome create new-project`. GatsbyだとPluginがあってよしなにやってくれるのだけど、11tyにはそういう便利Pluginがなさそうなので自力実装した。 記事データをJSON化する. Now that we’ve setup a working Eleventy project we’re able to move on in the next part and start adding some blog related content to our sample May 11, 2020 · On May 13, I’ll be giving a talk about Starting A Blog at JetBrains’ . dist not _site). md in the posts/blog-part-1 folder we add:--- layout: layouts/post. Eleventy’s advantages Another great resource is the list of community-driven starter projects. Articles that we will add to the blog will be managed by Git as well as by the NetlifyCMS, a multi-user (Headless) Content Management System with an easy user interface for non technical people. April 15, 2020 Getting Started with 🍦. js static site generator (SSG). This is sample Eleventy starter site that uses Agility CMS and aims to be a foundation for building fully static sites using 11ty and Agility CMS. We've just installed the Eleventy package globally, meaning as an application on my laptop. It also gives you a well organised starting point to extend yourself. The starter 11ty blog repository provides a good starting point. Everything you need to know about starting a blog and making money in under 3 hours. 11ty was created by Zach Leatherman to be a JavaScript alternative to Jekyll. Run git clone https://github. Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expeditasi distincti I build WordPress sites using _s (Underscores) starter theme or Genesis framework. posts since 11ty sorts it chronologically by default. May 30, 2020 · How to setup a contact form on your 11ty site and deploy with Vercel. … peruse your blog 🍦. Includes Netlify CMS for content editing. Free for students, parents and educators. js, Part IV: Installing Node. What is up guys, in this video we take on 11ty! By the end of the video you will be able to create a blog using Markdown. Eleventy (or 11ty) is a Node. js. I don’t know enough about Eleventy or Node. js and its dependencies. Pick a comfortable one and just go for it. We’ll throw in PostCSS as well: npm install --save-dev @11ty/eleventy tailwindcss postcss-cli autoprefixer This jumpstart is intended to be just enough to be a functional site/blog using 11ty, and also to introduce essential 11ty features. Jan 31, 2019 · A neat 9K stars project by Cory House which provides a React + Redux starter kit / boilerplate with Babel, hot reloading, testing, linting and a working example app built-in. If you write a technical blog and use 11ty as your static site generator of choice you might run into a conundrum: How do you show Liquid or Nunjucks template code in your code blocks. As you might imagine this are collections of content. Export existing Wordpress posts into Eleventy posts Fortunately building an XML sitemap in Eleventy (11ty) like this one is super quick and easy. md (created on 2007-01-01) another-posts/post1. Make math learning fun and effective with Prodigy Math Game. Setting up your 11ty website. Includes Netlify CMS and Netlify Forms. If you’re starting a blog, the official Eleventy blog starter would also be a great place to start. The web components are generated within a Nunjucks (. options on a practice site before you start trying to do a real project. liquid --- If we run 11ty again by typing npx eleventy in our console, we get our HTML file again. The more I've learned about JAMstack, the more I've wanted to start moving my sites and applications to that architecture. Lid est laborum et dolorum fuga. I might release the setup as 11ty starter pack at some time in the future. eleventy-shortcomps Starter project for static site by Adam Duncan, using Eleventy and shortcode components pattern. Sep 17, 2012 · The starter assembly is on the side with the fuel cap, where the pull handle should be, opposite the clutch. js and Eleventy. Header Image : — From this section, you can upload site header image and control header height. njk Still a work in progress. To get started, in your root folder install Eleventy globally by running yarn global add @11ty/eleventy. I recommend starting with Creating A Blog With Eleventy by Jon Keeping or Tatiana Mac’s Beginner’s Guide to Eleventy [Part I]. Remove 5 screws that secure the starter assembly. Bootstrap Landing Page Themes. aboutdavid. eleventy-netlify-boilerplate A template for building a simple blog web site with Eleventy and deploying it to Netlify. This is the 3rd post of the series. It's also no longer self hosted! It's now hosted on Netflify and I'm happy that this site is now one less thing for me to backup. njk) template that outputs the final. njk eleventyNavigation: key: home order: 100 ‐‐‐ The about page at src/about/index. I personally really like the Skeleventy starter, which uses Tailwind CSS for styling and is configured with PurgeCSS to get rid of unused styles in production. I also grabbed the button code from Tailwind's site and pasted it at the bottom of index. Contentful’s knowledge base POC app is in our marketplace! The knowledge base app allows non-technical teams to spin up a knowledge base website in five minutes, without any coding involved. In the first part we have seen: What is Eleventy… Let's Learn Eleventy - Part I August 26, 2020 • 3 min read • Eleventy, 11ty. I know that this usually should work, but I couldn’t make it work until now. This post is a companion to the presentation but should serve as an excellent general-use guide for anyone starting their blogging adventure. What if you just want to blog? Use one of the starter projects, packaged with the configuration and plugins needed for blogging in Eleventy. eleventy-on-glitch A playground site for Eleventy on Glitch with live rendered views right on the web! eleventyone is an Eleventy scaffold project created by the legendary Phil Hawksworth. Truly of interest to me right now is the content of the functions folder. Website | GitHub. Note: Bit older post, But if you’re searching of disabling index of page from on website. md (created on 2011-01-01) This collection would be sorted like this: posts/post3. $ git clone https://github. This starter is an evolution from my other projects that use 11ty and Sass, including: A more full-featured 11ty starter, the 11ty Netlify Jumpstart I've talked about earlier in this series that I wanted to bring things back to basics with this blog, focusing on web fundamentals e. 5. A lot happened in the time after that migration but I stopped coding and Description. Aug 09, 2020 · Thanks for your wonderful blog. ⚡️ Built with Eleventy, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS and Netlify CMS (optional). To make it easy, let’s use Jon Keeping’s starter. git my-eleventy-blog $ cd my-eleventy-blog $ npm install $ npx eleventy --serve Deploying an 11ty Site to GitHub Pages. August 8, 2020. I’ve rolled back to the last commit where I had a successful deploy as well The amount of JavaScript loaded on the homepage of Gatsby Starter Blog (99kB gzipped), measured 2020-04-11 ↩︎. I've written 0 blog posts since February. You are going to learn how to setup an 11ty project, pull the data from Contentful CMS, style your pages using Tailwindcss and deploy it to Netlify. Runs the necessary Eleventy CLI command to start up the Eleventy dev build/server process in “quiet” mode so messages aren’t so frequent. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Mar 10, 2019 · Most of us now use the Ultimate Member plugin for creating membership sites. We'll see. mkdir eleventy-blog cd eleventy-blog npm init. 0 Scoring. This customisation would be useful if you're migrating heaps of posts. 11tyFrame. Choose the perfect design Create a beautiful blog that fits your style. Eleventy works with many different 11ty. Apr 19, 2020 · The ease and speed of how to change everything to your taste is what I felt missing from Jekyll and Gatsby. njk in your source directory. Our aim with Xero’s Starter plan is to help ambitious new businesses take their first steps during the COVID-19 pandemic, and support the green shoots of growth when each country moves into a recovery state. Whether you’re just using Node. md; Sort Mar 31, 2015 · Well, Son, do we have some stories for you today! And before you start reading, just know that everyone is okay! So, on Saturday we had to go to El Paso to watch Landon play a game against Cathedral, which is the all-boy Catholic school. Next time you want to run your project, you can simply use npm start in your terminal. Aug 24, 2019 · Eleventy and Sanity Blog Boilerplate Minimal blog with Eleventy and Sanity. This week's train project has been to convert this site from Gatsby to Eleventy (11ty). Free Bootstrap themes that are ready to customize and publish. With RSS feed and service worker out of the box! ‐‐‐ title: 11ty starter site description: This is a demonstration website generated using the 11ty static site generator. We first wrote an 11ty tutorial on this blog back in 2018. Nov 6, 2020 2 min read In one of my mirrored DEV posts, you may have seen that it was originally published on notebook. Nils Mielke. — Jon Kuperman (@jkup) April 20, 2020 My Problem. md. Since this is my first attempt to work with webpack there might be better or more efficient configurations - but this setup worked fine for me ;-) Repository. Taking a look at the 11ty leaderboard — over half of the sites submitted have received a perfect score in Lighthouse for either performance or accessibility. I copy the existing Wordpress theme into 11ty layout. Oct 15, 2020 · blog │───blog-post-1 │ └───images │ image-1. Install Parcel by running npm install -g parcel-bundler. 11ty. Sep 14, 2020 · You don’t have to learn Dock­er in-depth to reap the ben­e­fits from using it. To do that, add to the scripts section of package. Next, I copied posts from my Hugo project to 11ty. Now we can install Eleventy and Tailwind CSS. Feel free to check out the code. May 14, 2020 A starter repository for a blog web site using the May 05, 2020 · May 5, 2020 🚀 Eleventy Starter Boilerplate is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog. 15 May 2019 #software; Starter Projects # eleventy-base-blog How to build a blog web site with Eleventy. S. Earn. Where is the build process? 31st October 2019 Supermaya wraps all the build processes into Eleventy itself. They are very handy to, well, transform a template’s output, such as minifying the resulting HTML for instance. ) Note: I typically like to wrap this command up in the package. njk Modèle Nunchucks pour la mise en page. Without going into too much depth; Eleventy is designed to be a flexible and easy tool to take an assortment of files and turn them into a static website . Tai11s An Eleventy starter with Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS; XITY Starter A bare bone blog-ready starter based on PostCSS, Native Elements and Parcel. Who is Uncle Bob 12 Aug 2020 career codequality beginners codenewbie uncle bob. js and Tailwind. These reviews are stored in my data folder in a folder called reviews as individual yaml-files (named like this: "entry-7128372832. 3. eleventy-plugin-lazyimages wasn’t able to locate the relative path from the blog post. Built on top of Tailwind CSS, you can easily customize the theme. Source code available on GitHub. If you are setting up your site from scratch, Eleventy Base Blog is a great starting point to setup an 11ty blog. now install eleventy, and create index. Nov 12, 2020 · In a rush? Skip to tutorial or live demo. njk Nunchucks template for layout. In this guide, we'll explore Sanity's 11ty Starter and modify it to show excerpts pulled from Studio. In this blog post, we will explain to you how to create an 11ty website and setup a contact form on the site by using the form endpoint of Getform. But, for a blog (or at least my blog), there wasn't one tag that was used in every single post. 11ty is pretty slick! — 02 Jan 2021; Day 8 - Custom URL slugs in 11ty — 22 Oct 2020; Day 7 - Escaping code in 11ty — 22 Jan 02, 2021 · Fortunately, 11ty allows us to post-process HTML with transforms. Since I dedicated myself to logging how I'm setting up this blog, here's how I proceeded to pick and install a font. It focuses on producing HTML, which reduces complexity and improves performance. It is based on Hylia Starter Kit created by Andy Bell. below we have described all the sections in detail. 📝 Basic blog structure. We set pathPrefix: "/eleventy-base-blog/" and our absolute links all have this prepended to the beginning. Home; GitHub; My fifth post. The FLY-11ty Starter Kit can be found on github. Add auto-generated social media images by following my tutorial. Nunchucks is a good option since it's comprehensive and used throughout the documentation at 11ty. The original look had a swashbuckling feel which Doctor Who Magazine editor Tom Spilsbury described as "a little like something Captain Jack Sparrow wears in the Pirates of the For sites that don't need the complexity of databases, searching etc. How the JAMstack inspired me to start blogging. Learn about what a text editor is and how to edit 🍦. 18 August 2020 First! Getting Started With 11ty. Note. Eleventy(11ty) is a JavaScript version of Jekyll. May 11, 2020 · 2. create a new directory and name it 11ty-img-example or whatever you want, then run. png │ image-2. I created a WordPress blog and did a migration at some point. Be it more like a social networking site or, something specific to your needs, it always serves us up to the mark. eero Secure adds even more great features, including better parental controls, improved ad blocking, and… Out of the box, 11ty has a "Collections" feature that organizes content. NET Days Online. This course is clear and precise. Then I create the category list and /category/ page by following the 11ty starter repository. md (created on 2008-01-01) posts/post3. Frequently Asked Sourdough Starter Questions A roundup of the most-asked questions surrounding a sourdough starter. 🏅 No CSS or JS frameworks to remove. Well worth your bucks and your time, if you are into this kind of thing and don’t know where to start. Choose from a selection of easy-to-use templates – all with flexible layouts and hundreds of background images – or design something new. More importantly to this generator is that we can customize the output file type and composite a file from includes. Aug 12, 2020 · Blog post about Shy's 11ty starter Shy also wrote an awesome article about his 11ty starter. Sep 23, 2020 · Eleventy (or 11ty) is a Node. Eleventy doesn't have out-of-the-box SCSS/SASS pre-processing so it's up to you to bring in your own process. 11ty is a powerful, flexible, extensible and fast static site generator. Blog design: Handed Sass handling to 11ty. Seven An eleventy template based on bootstrap4layouts. check out the eleventy-base-blog project, which is a full starter project for a blog site including RSS feeds, tag pages, Starter Projects # eleventy-base-blog How to build a blog web site with Eleventy. So why am I writing this post? Sadly, I started with the eleventy-base-blog, and didn't notice the eleventy-webmentions starter until after I had already built my site. Preview Mode npm run dev or yarn dev. This template provides sample pages, blog posts, tag support and a working contact form powered by Netlify Forms. It is highly configurable, for example it allows you to use different template engines. Learn about wills, living trusts, retirement planning, managing debt, budgeting and more! Eleventy is the simplest Static Site Generator that I know. md; another-posts/post1. njk (see it in the screenshot below). The first step was to create the an Eleventy configuration file based on the old Jekyll one. Sep 22, 2020 · Eleventy (or 11ty) is a Node. Gotta love it. md; posts/postA. A blog created with Next. If I wanted to change anything I had to learn Ruby or hope that a plugin already exists. The first version of manu. You're gonna learn how to build a Marketing website from start to finish. It bills itself as “a simpler static site generator”. I am a Full-stack Web Developer from the Philippines, constantly learning other skills while specializing in web development. I also hope that this could serve as a motive for you to create a personal website with a blog page using 11ty 😄 🤯 Possibly the simplest installation process. As long as you do your work properly, they work kind of across the board. Create your project directory and install two packages: mkdir eleventy-vue-demo cd eleventy-vue-demo npm init -y npm install @11ty/eleventy @11ty/eleventy-plugin-vue --save Clone and set up the official eleventy-base-blog starter project. When you need to start a backend and transpile your front-end code for development purposes, here is a handy script to do both at Moving my blog to Eleventy, Part 3: Creating Layouts tl:dr; Black lives matter. json scripts match. Here's how I fixed it. html and css. md (created on 2008-01-01) posts/postB. It provides hot reloading (and testing) upon saving which is very Jun 01, 2019 · Creating the project. Oct 10, 2020 · After CSS, 11ty (Eleventy) is my favorite thing to talk about and create resources for. $ npm install -g @11ty/eleventy # other stuff + @11ty/eleventy@0. Follow him on twitter. Includes webpack, sass version of bootstrap, vue. The WebAIM Million: An annual accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages ↩︎. layout: page. Starter Projects # eleventy-base-blog How to build a blog web site with Eleventy. ⚡️ Built with Eleventy, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS. Wordpress vs. I also post some of my work on Instagram and Flickr. Nov 14, 2019 · 11ty has this awesome concept of filters which I use to format dates, process CSS and JS, etc. Blog Starter Pro Options: — Inside this panel, all custom theme options are available that have been made for the blog starter pro theme. This was done via a YAML to JSON conversion. My summary of the video. 11ty is a great static site generator, it's what I'm using to publish this blog post, and it's a snap to Choosing a blogging platform: Gatsby vs. Gatsby still has a place in my toolkit but for this site I've found 11ty has the flexibility to quickly and simply shape pages in unique ways. com/11ty/eleventy-base-blog. Suzi Whitford % For example, assume I only write blog posts on New Years Day: posts/postA. you can use npm if you prefer. If you don’t need pathPrefix (or don’t ever plan on moving your site’s top-level directory structure), you probably don’t need to use the url filter. Atomic Design, Webpack, Pug, SCSS, Vanilla JS: XITY Starter: equinusocio: A bare bone blog-ready starter based on PostCSS, Native Elements and Parcel. . md; posts/postB. I chose Parcel because it's a Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler. The only thing I changed was the frontmatter. Project highlight: Simple blog starter in 11ty. deventy A minimal 11ty starting point for building static websites with modern tools. toml, and package. io/create and extend its functionality. I can't stop moving my site between wordpress, gatsby and 11ty. Sep 01, 2020 · Create a basic project to start. Instead, every post has a tag specific to the content inside. This tutorial demonstrates how to build a simple site with pages and blog/article posts — a task often handled by WordPress. Slingshot offers a rich development experience using React, Redux, Babel, Webpack, Jest, Sass and more. Your 11ty Frontend. Technologies you will learn. js files. 5 Start from a blank project and build up to an Eleventy site that includes a blog collection and is prepared to source content from a headless CMS. A blog wouldn't be much without actual blog posts, so let's dive into creating some blog posts. 11ty’s data cascade allows for data to be available to every file in a directory and its children if the file is at the root of a directory and named the same as the directory (called directory data files). When it flows, it flows. 11ty is one of the newer SSGs but is rocketing up the popularity list. I also struggled to fully build out the functionality So, you can make a Liquid one versus a Nunjucks versus a handle bars. Build It and They Will Browse This is the entire reason for being for 11ty. This leads to several key benefits: I made my own blog using 11ty, 11ty base blog, and Bulma. In this article, Brian Rinaldi offers his advice and guidance on choosing the option that's best for you. Dec 31, 2019 · Download or clone source code from here . Eleventy, or 11ty. Jun 01, 2020 · How This Blog is Made Building a Statically Generated Blog with Eleventy — June 1, 2020. Now that we’ve got this out the way we’ll go ahead and use the official Eleventy blog starter. json, and run 11ty as an npm script. g. Data files were moved from YAML to JSON. Skeleventy A skeleton boilerplate built with Eleventy and Tailwind CSS. April 23, 2020. This is the second part of Let's Learn Eleventy series and will talk about collections. The resulting pages need not have server-side dependencies such as runtimes or databases. Use the right tool for this, a Torx 6-point driver, either the driver type or on a ratchet, not a screwdriver . Oct 22, 2020 · eleventy-base-blog A starter repository showing how to build a blog with the Eleventy static site generator. FLY-11ty: Boilerplate for Eleventy Static Site Generator. I debated about just coding the entire site by hand, each and every page. Also, you can make your own. Last Piece Of The Puzzle: 11ty. njk on the root with basic html markup. js is and how to finish installing 🍦. SSGs do most rendering work at build time to create a set of static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. I copy existing pages HTML into individual file. By Justin Avery, 27 April 2020 posted in News. I’m on annual leave this week and I’m looking for a few online tidbits that I want to try out and learn something new. I’m a huge fan of Shy and 11ty — so that’s cool. I'm very fond of 11ty, so here's a list of my other resources: Learn to build an 11ty site in 20 mins with my egghead video course and see how to add a blog and custom data. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. npm start or yarn start. I decided to start blogging in 2013 on Blogger. js, Part V: Choosing a Text Editor. js as a way to run a build­chain to gen­er­ate fron­tend assets that uses Grunt / Gulp / Mix / web­pack / NPM scripts, or you’re devel­op­ing full-blown Node. 0 added 598 packages from 427 contributors in 39. Oct 24, 2019 · Since 11ty is a JavaScript static site generator, we can install it via NPM. I figured it was easier to sort the collection once in the configuration rather than everywhere I look up collections. The 11ty project offers a number of starter projects, of which Andy Bell's Hylia is particularly nice - so I'll be using Hylia for my example changes. 23 August 2020 Added a font & set up Sass while at it. eleventyone is an Eleventy scaffold project created by the legendary Phil Hawksworth. Please send help. The vanilla JavaScript 🕚 Eleventy starter project of your dreams 💭 🏡 Home ℹ️ About 📔 Blog Git Twitter 📔 A Blog for the Ages. May 21, 2020 · Feel free to dive into the source code jec-11ty-starter straight away. As seen in Forbes, CNBC and USA Today, LawnStarter lets makes it easy to schedule service with a local lawn care professional. Sep 10, 2020 · 11ty or Eleventy is a simple static site generator created by Zach Leatherman as an alternative to Jekyll. All 11ty Posts. I am building a new personal site. While I didn’t change any config items before the first failure, I’ve cloned the base blog starter and double checked that my UI, netlify. liquid title: Blog One tags: blog --- My first post! Then loop through the blog “collection” in your At the moment, though, 11ty is just a way of getting an index. Just add what you need. Miayam 11ty Starter Project: miayam: A brutalist 11ty starter project built with as little tooling as possible. September 03, 2020 • 2 min read • Eleventy, 11ty. Just start from here. 11ty Resources. Link is directly to 11ty category. Issue #56 → Understand that performance is distribution, see the benefits of Browser Back/Forward caches, automatically optimise images in your Pull Requests and more. It uses Node. It also has a number of different templating engines. Apr 29, 2020 · My blog has been on a self-hosted deployment of Ghost for many years. 11ty has a feature called collections. In this blog post, you are going to learn to configure the Node. In addition to this, by using 11ty, i'm able to author in Markdown, meaning i'm free to add HTML anywhere in my posts. And I stumbled a bit. And I'm also using it as my blog about Eleventy. My favorite things to photograph are bands, festivals, and nature. You can check a Eleventy js blog templates demo. This is all great, however I remember when I first started playing with it, I had been using Jekyll for a few years. json Every time I start something I really enjoy doing, it feels like that – like the start of something great; which I guess is a good sign that it's a fake dream. yml"). griffadev said: @cramforce The image optimisation on is awesome, put into my existing blog, thanks! The plugin `img-dim` can almost be dropped into any project, unless custom dist folder (e. com and have been working there since start 2018. At this point I have gotten the blog up and running with my custom information so that it feels more like mine and less like some code that I forked and forgot about. Best Things 🔥: You have choices. Phil Hawksworth had a nice 11ty starter with Netlify & Slack powered commenting approach which might work and Commento also seem pretty viable option. Site bones created with xity-starter which is an 11ty starter project based on PostCSS, Parcel, and Native Elements. Super simple and responsive theme, great for your 11ty blog and give your site an awesome design. I haven't been sharing much in recent years, and one of the reasons is because all my online spaces feel like they exist to serve a specific purpose or a specific audience. We’ll throw in PostCSS as well: npm install --save-dev @11ty/eleventy tailwindcss postcss-cli. While this SSG is generally excellent with low overhead, there are a few things developers may want to remember to do when starting their adventure with the static site generator. I've heard that I have the ability to write well, at times. Jul 29, 2020 · On top of our index. However, it does require a reasonable amount of technical familiarity (and its documentation reflects this) but for those who can grasp it, it does things in an elegant way. Without further ado, here’s my starter code for Netlify Functions (with a side of 11ty). Aug 11, 2020 · Run the following commands in your Terminal, substituting <MY-WEBSITE-FOLDER> and <SHORT-POST-TITLE> with the file path to your Academic website folder and a short title for your blog post (use hyphens instead of spaces), respectively: Apr 15, 2020 · The purpose of your blog post is to attract your ideal client, to influence them and to invite them to take some kind of action. Since we don't have Tailwind CSS installed, it won't work yet! Moving my blog from Squarespace to Eleventy (11ty) with Tailwind CSS on Netlify. Learning More We thought that it would be a good idea to provide the result of these tutorials as starters for those who'd like to bootstrap a simple blog application with Strapi and their favorite frontend framework. Apr 02, 2020 · You can browse through a list of 11ty starters here. New and existing customers can take advantage of the new Starter plan from today (14 September, 2020). In this blog post, I'll go over what's so special about 11ty and why you should check it out. This website is now the best it's ever been : Marc Obel's personal site and blog. Eleventy was the only one I could find that gave me the fine-grained control I needed at blazingly fast build times. Sep 22, 2020 · ‐‐‐ title: 11ty starter site description: This is a demonstration website generated using the 11ty static site generator. Styling additions from Material Design; Blog code on Github; Blog hosted by Netlify; Some blog hosted images on Pixabay A Creative Writing Blog. Eleventy is a static site generator like Jekyll , Hugo ,or Gatsby . But the main reason for me to use Eleventy (11ty) is that it's so blazing fast and customizable. Netlify Dev will often detect 11ty as a requirement and run the command for us. Your well documented path of the list of hard and soft skills sums up all the essential ingredients one needs to kick start their journey. XITY Starter XITY (roman version of 11ty) is a basic starter blog/site built on top of Eleventy. Live or Production Mode npm run build or yarn build. js powered search and a whole lot more. Here is the previous post - Setting up GitHub Actions and Firebase Hosting . md to this: ‐‐‐ title: 11ty starter site description: This is a demonstration website generated using the 11ty static site generator. Setup an 11ty Know that JAMstack is only fast when you make it so, minimise DOM reflows, test 404 page performance, use a high-performing 11ty blog template and more. Sep 11, 2020 · Starter Repositories or Template repositories are best ways to get started with the 11ty site creation The most basic one you can start with is the 11ty Base Blog : 11ty/eleventy-base-blog I use this collection in multiple places: in the blog, but also on the home page to list the most recent articles as well as in the RSS feed. Jul 12, 2020 · Let’s start by with a new a folder, then cd to it in the command line, and initialize it with a package. Publisher Jun 08, 2020 · If the starter motor won’t start, then you won’t even be able to get the car to the garage… Dash lights up but the engine won’t start – if there’s consistent power coming from the battery, and the engine won’t turn over, then this is a good early indication that there’s something wrong with the starter motor. But Eleventy (11ty) was the simplest static site generator that I found when I needed to migrate my blog. I started a company and joined BizPark with the Microsoft Azure allotment. The idea behind it is pretty simple: it’s a blog that will have a total of 50 pages added to it over 5 years. The tooling choice is personal. We need to create a page to test whether we’ve successfully set things up. Create the folder eleventy-blog for our project and then within this folder, create a new package. It looks like: eleventyConfig . Plus, I really like working with Dojo, and in particular its Build-time rendering, which is the Dojo way of static site generation. ninja was a Jekyll blog. On my 11ty site (skeleventy-starter) I want to parse hundreds of reviews. js to tell you which one to use though! Apr 13, 2020 · Sure, 11ty is much more flexible and everything is somehow possible, but somehow it’s too much effort for me (at least for the moment). You can find some tutorials on 11ty. “I looked into and actively tried using various static site generators for this project. ” By using the 11ty starter projects and awesome courses and tutorials for help, I felt like I had superpowers! I work with React and painfully slow Webpack builds every day, using 11ty for my blog was a breath of fresh air. This is a port of the Dark Portfolio Template by W3C to 11ty! Github Live Demo. BLOG BY NUMBER - COURSE Available until . A simple starter kit for Eleventy Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes. This jumpstart is intended to be just enough to be a functional site/blog using 11ty, and also to introduce essential 11ty features. August 21, 2019. 6 -> 6. When I went to change the styling, I noticed that these numbers get added, entirely with CSS! Let’s take a look at how they do this. I decided to use their base blog starter and when I did, I noticed this cool UI they have for listing your posts. If it fails, just dump it and pick another lah~ That being said, I like the 11ty experience so far! My 11ty configuration. , so I created a new filter to check if an array contains a string. We’ll be using the @11ty/eleventy-plugin-vue plugin. All of our themes are built with Bootstrap 4, MIT licensed, and updated regularly! Get the most out of your website and online business! Check out HostGator's blog for tips and in-depth articles on web hosting, SEO, and more. Apr 15, 2020 · Not only has he since put up an additional repo, eleventy-dot-js-blog, an all-. I moved from toml to yaml (see below). com/craigbuckler/11ty-starter. So if five pages had the tag "Cat", they would be in the "Cat" collection. Ultimately, to convert them to a sale. Js Starter Blog. My third post. In contrast to other static site generators Eleventy does not force you to use a specific template engine. 🛬 Jul 28, 2020 · Eleventy (11ty) is a powerful yet simple static site generator. Makes use of gulp with Eleventy and Sass. Simply heads to the Disable Index of from Wesbite. Nov 18, 2020 · After running npx 11ty/eleventy command, Let’s try to create a simple blog. Wipe The Content 🧽 This example is using the Agility CMS Sync SDK. I’ve recently been dabbling with 11ty (pronounced eleventy) and very impressed so far. I’m experiencing similar woes to others in the forums with eleventy deploys continually failing for site name friendly-noether-fa28e2. Sites Built with Eleventy # Starter Projects # eleventy-base-blog How to build a blog web site with Eleventy. me That's my new blog that I have started. Last time around I had just published the second blog post in as many weeks. One way it does this is via tags. I do still photography and video production. May explain well? Sorry for bad english. I’ve become a big fan of writing markdown, and I really wanted a lightweight solution where I could just write out my blog posts in markdown and convert that into an blog post. Eleventastic – 11ty Starter Pack. Although 11ty works with zero config out of the box, that's not what I want. Not much content and not much complexity. But how do I start? How can I make my software available to others to use? After googling, I quickly realized I needed to make my own package! Depending on how many blog articles you write and how many images are generated, this generates a lot of work. Key features 📰 Integrated RSS Feed. Then a global pandemic took more than 100,000 lives in the U. When the npm init command is run, you will be asked a series of questions which can all be answered with the default values. After hearing the name for a while, I decided to learn more about/from Uncle Bob. Gatsby on the other hand has a lot of overhead with its source plugins and client-side hydration Starting a blog is a good reason to do some research on static site generators. 21 June 2020 08:04 AM. Sure, you love to get more readers and more people Liking and sharing your updates on social, but that doesn’t pay the bills. npm install --save @11ty/eleventy. Blog Builder Pro – Blog. In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, Steven Moffat revealed that the Eleventh Doctor had an entirely different costume until close to the start of filming. The full code is available at https://github. . This is your blog landing page. Blog post editing screen with Main Image Let's take a look at a blog post and see what data we have available. A Gatsby Netlify CMS powered Blog Starter to boost your development. Eleventy claims to be simple, but it can be daunting when moving beyond the basics. A template for building a simple blog website with the Eleventy static site generator and deploying it to Netlify. 11ty starter blog

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